Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Week 19: Do You Even Jenga??

The King of Belgium!

Beautiful picture from the Belfort Tower in Ghent

A Bus That Runs On Water!

So we are starting a new phrase here in Antwerpen... Do you even Jenga? We were at a dinner appointment with all six missionaries, and we played the most intense game of jenga of all time. We got it to the point where there was only one possible move left, and then the tower fell. Fun times. (In his area now in Antwerpen, there are three sets of missionaries; two sets of Elders, which includes Elder Muller and Elder Shelton, two Elders who are the Zone Leaders, and two Sister missionaries. Much different than in Brugge where it was just him and his companion.)

It's great to be here in Antwerpen. The work is a lot different than in Brugge. The days seem to go by slower, but the weeks faster. I don't know how to describe it. 

We had a lot of lessons fall through this week, but we got to talk to some cool people instead. Sometimes appointments fall through for a reason! One such example, we were on the tram headed home from a missed appointment, when a guy started talking to Elder Shelton. He was super interested in our message and asked for a Book of Mormon! We're going to go teach him this week. 

Another cool experience, we were also heading somewhere after a missed appointment when we ran into this cool African guy named Achampong (Ashampo). He also wants to start meeting with us, he loves Christ, and is super interested in the Book of Mormon. Great experiences. 

I wish I had more to write, but not a whole bunch of 'exciting' things happened. We had Zone Training on Thursday which was a bunch of fun. The theme was super heroes. We have some great Zone Leaders and Sister Training Leaders here!
We learned a lot about using the scriptures while teaching, recognizing the Spirit and teaching with it, and asking inspired questions. 

Zone Meeting (Aren't they just a happy looking bunch of young men and woman! And all so far from home! What makes them happy, you might ask yourself. The answer is easy: They are sharing the message of the gospel of Jesus Christ!)

Yesterday we had a great time at church. President and Sister Robinson were there (President of the Belgium/Netherlands Mission, and his wife), as well as Elder Boom, the Area Seventy. President was here for a fireside later that night for the Young Single Adults. It was a great fireside, they had us go as well because it was all about missionary work. (A fireside meeting is one held outside of our weekly worship services. It is usually at night and special speakers will come in to address a certain group. This time the President of the mission was there to speak to these group of single young adults about missionary work.)

Here is a link to explain what an Area Seventy means:  https://www.lds.org/church/leaders/quorums-of-the-seventy?lang=eng

We had a great P-Day today, we went to Ghent with the Sint Niklaas Elders and the Lokeren Sisters and went through the Belfort there. It was a lot of fun. (Here is link to explore the historic Belfort.)

Great Smile!

From inside the Belfort

Elder Shelton, my new companion, is a really funny guy. He wants to go into Game Design. He's from the same group as Elder Childs, so his Dutch is pretty good, thankfully. Mine is coming along, but it's still pretty bad! People can understand me just fine though, it's just the grammar... Who needs grammar anyway? 

Well I really don't know what else to say... I'm sorry it's a short email and kind of scattered. Here's a picture of Elder Shelton I made on our phone. 

Love you guys!!! 

Elder Muller

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