Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Musings of a Missionary Mama

February 25, 2015

It has been awhile since I have written anything directly on Elder Muller's blog. I have been just adding tidbits of translation and explanation on his letters, but this week I felt the need to share some things going on in the life of Elder Muller.

February 10, 2015 was a very day sad for our family. I had to take our beautiful dog, Sariah, to the vet to be put out of her pain. It was an incredibly painful decision to make, but one that was right for our beautiful Sariah. She has been part of our family since April 2002. She was just weeks old when we adopted her from a Tri-County Human Society Adoption Day in St. Louise, MO. She has lived with us in Missouri, Tennessee, Ohio and Florida. She has been the best companion ever. And she was Elder Muller's dog. He was six when we brought her into our family, and he took ownership of walking her and playing with her. Before he left for the airport on September 17, 2014, he came back to Sariah and was on the floor in his suit holding her and telling her she needed to be here when he got back from his mission. I will remember that image forever, and I prayed that I could make that plea a reality for him. That is why making the phone call to the vet was even more difficult for me.

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Our Beautiful Sariah

The incomprehensible task of informing Elder Muller was now looming in front of me. It took me most of that night to write him a letter that I thought would soften the blow I was about to tell him...but, really, is there even a way to do that? No, there wasn't. I mailed the letter the next day not knowing for sure when he would received this sad news, and not knowing how hard it would be for him to process this information so very far from home. I had sent him pictures of Sariah and explained that Jeremy, Alyssa, Jaedyn and me were with Sariah during the procedure. We were able to hold her and hug her and tell her how much we all loved her and would miss her. We were able to give her extra hugs from him, Hillary and Papa since they weren't able to be there. 

It was only this week's email that we found out when he had received my letter. He received it Tuesday, February 17th. So almost a whole week had gone by before he could "talk" to us via email. He addresses his loss and his pain in this week's email. It is a somber email, but I am so proud of my son and how he has worked through his loss. His parting statement in the email shows his maturity and devotion to his mission.  I am so proud of his realization and that he continues to work hard and forge through these difficult days. As his mother, I wish that I could comfort  him with a mother's embrace, but that is not possible. I wish he could know how much my heart is breaking for him and how guilty I feel for not being able to keep Sariah with us until his return.

Our Heavenly Father is a Father of miracles and tender mercies, and I received the tender mercy I needed yesterday. A very long story short, my English friend, Anne, that I meet in Mechelen, Belgium, and who first introduced me to the Elders, is now living back in Antwerpen. She is in the same ward that Elder Muller is serving in. By chance yesterday she and I connected via Facebook. It turns out she was with my son yesterday (Tuesday, 24 February) as well as on Monday, February 23...the day of his email. And she even had pictures she wanted to send me of the four Elders from a visit to the Cathedral of Antwerpen on Monday. She also informed me that he has a great companion and that he is doing better with the loss of Sariah. Heavenly Father answers our prayers and many times he does that through another person. I believe that he answered my prayers through Anne. It brought me just a small glimpse of my son, and the words of another mother telling me that he is a wonderful young man doing well on his mission brings some peace to my heart. 

Elder Muller has heard the story many times over about how I met the Elders at Anne's house after a play date together, and how she then "secretly" sent them to my house! And now he has the pleasure of meeting her in person!

The Gospel of Jesus Christ is true! 

The Cathedral of Antwerpen:

Pictures of Elders Muller, Shelton, Lyman and Childs in the Cathedral of Antwerpen:

I will share more exciting news happening in the Belgium/Netherlands Mission another time, but just know that our Father in Heaven loves us all and we are all here for a purpose.  If you would like to know more about where we all came from, what this life on earth is about, and where we are going after we leave this life, please contact the missionaries from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.  They have five short discussions they give to help teach about the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Check out or for more information.

Amy Schaefer, A Proud Missionary Mama

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  1. Amy,

    Hey it's Adam Gunn. I hope you remember me. I was reminiscing about my mission and decided to try to look up a few people via social media and search. I was able to find you blog and you would not believe what a blessing it has been to learn about the incredible work Bryan is doing. I pulled out my mission photos and found a cute photo of your three young kids on my lap at the baptism and to think here we are 18+ years later and he is serving the Lord in the same mission!

    I'd love to catch up. This is the only place I could see to try to get you my email address. Hopefully you see it.

    I'm planning my first return trip to the mission in April with my wife. You and Patrick were an incredible part of my experience and I'm so grateful you are taking the time to share his experience in this way. It was such a blessing for me personally to find it so just know it's worth it and his service is strengthening faith and blessing lives even beyond the borders of his mission.