Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Week 18: Operation: Destroy Antwerpen is a go. Initiating in 3... 2... 1...

January 26, 2015

Operation: Destroy Antwerpen is a go. Initiating in 3... 2. .. 1...
(O:DA is our plan for missionary work this transfer... We're going to wreck this place with the gospel :) )

Well everyone, it's been a great week! We finished strong in Brugge, and now I'm in my favorite city on Earth! 

This week has been full of miracles already. In the first three full days I was here, we set three baptismal dates! It's crazy! That's more dates than we had progressing investigators in Brugge. Let's just say my faith has grown exponentially these last couple days. Here's the low down. 

Monday, last P-Day in Brugge. Elder Hunt and I did the te Groot with a Frikadela XXL challenge. We couldn't finish. Then we went shopping. It was fun. We had dinner at Familie Collin, my last meal haha. 

Elder Muller with Familie Collins in Brugge.  His last night there!

This is the food challenge. "The Large Fry with an XXL Frikadela" Obviously, you can see the scrumptious large fry baskets - which could feed several people, and the "sausage" on the side is called a Frikadela..it is really good and I don't have an English translation for it! Just some yummy food you get at a Belgian Frituur!

(From here on, Elder Muller writes his days of the week in Vlaams (Dutch)!)

Dinsdag (got to throw in some Vlaams here) last district meeting. Really good, reviewed everything we had learned this transfer in form of Jeopardy. Then we made personal pizza's for lunch. Headed back to Brugge so I could pack. 

Last District Meeting

Elders and Sisters from Elder Muller's Ghent District

Last District Meeting for his Ghent District!
Making pizzas at District Meeting! Since they were personal pan pizzas, I am sure Elder Muller made his without cheese!

                         Making personal pizzas with his District

Woensdag transfers!!!! Really short transfer day for me... Took the train to Antwerpen, dropped my bags off at the new apartment, and went to work! We found a really good positive area and found a lot of good potentials. It was a great day. Miracle of the day, we had a "let-in lesson". We knocked on a door, and the guy let us in and let us teach the first lesson. It was super cool. 

Donderdag: Lot's of lessons... That fell through. BUT we had one really cool one with a guy named Frederick. He's from Suriname. We taught him about prophets, and set a baptismal date with him! Super cool!
Vrijdag: Lot's of lessons that fell through, but we had a cool one with a guy named Eric. Recently baptized at 16. He's a super cool kid, loves the church and has a great testimony. That night we had dinner with Bishop Staepels and his wife along with the sister missionaries.  Really fun. They also have a missionary journal, so I got to write in it! (Our family started a missionary journal while still living in Belgium. We try and have all missionaries write in it before they leave our area. Since joining the Church, we have lived in Belgium, Rhode Island, Missouri, Tennessee, Ohio and now Florida! We have lots of different missions represented in our journals! Sixteen years worth of memories!)

Zaterdag: SNOOOOOOOOOOOWWWWWW so we weekly planned. We had a great lesson with a guy named Mark. It was even cooler because we had a less active as a joint teach. (A joint teach means they have a member with them helping to teach the lesson.) We taught Mark and his girlfriend the third lesson, Gospel of Jesus Christ. It was super awesome, because they asked us if they could be baptized. Two baptisimal dates!!!! We were really pumped. 

Snow!! Their version of a snowman!!!
Zondag: Church and stuff. Church was cool, me and Elder Childs had to introduce ourselves to the ward. We had correlation afterwards, went home and finished weekly planning and went to our dinner appointment. That's been our week!

Love you guys!!!
Elder Muller

Last Night in Brugge
So long beautiful Brugge!

Statue of a Missionary...Elder Muller is wondering if they will get a statue as well!

Someone with the name Muller already lived in his new apartment building!

Random Sign!!

What is an American School Bus doing in Belgium, and how did it get there?!!

Elder Muller's new Antwerpen Companion, Elder Shelton

Having some fun in the city!


  1. Hi! Where in Florida are you living? We live in NW Florida, between Pensacola and Panama City. My daughter is serving in Turnhout, Belgium, currently

  2. We live in Melbourne. How long has your missionary been serving. Elder Muller went to the MTC in Sept 2014, so this is only his third transfer in the field.