Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Week 21: Elder Childs is watching me......

Monday, February 16, 2015

yeah, he's standing right behind me....

So we had a great week. 

That is all. 
This is Elder Childs


At this point in the email you must insert tears from a very sad mother who thought that this is all her son wrote this week! I walked around the house for over five hours trying to understand why Elder Muller would not write more! Okay, okay, I know they are always busy and don't have much time to email....but, seriously?! That was all he could write. So after mulling this over and over in my head...and trying figure out what in the world I would put on the blog this week....I decided to look again at his email to try and dissect the few little sentences he wrote to see if I could glean some kind of message from them! Somehow I bumped my mouse and it scrolled down a few more inches on the page, and this is what I found......

hehe just kidding. 

So it really was a good week. We got two new investigators which is amazing. One was a miracle find, and the other is just a super cool Belgian lady. 

We had an awesome lesson with a less active we've been working with. He took us out to eat and then totally opened up to us about how his life is on the wrong path and he wants to come back. Probably one of the most powerful lessons I've had. 

I had a great time in Sint Niklaas with Elder Reynolds. We biked up to Nederland for a dinner appointment and to look up some potentials. That was pretty much our whole day. Just biking. Knock doors, bike some more, eat, and bike back. We did find this great mountain bike course. We did it, of course... I almost went into a canal haha.

We also had an awesome lesson with some less actives that live on the same street as the Sint Niklaas elders. It was soo cool. It was his birthday that day, so we brought some treats over as a present. Super cool time. 

We had a great day on Saturday as well. We knocked doors most of the day, got some cool potentials. The best part of the day was our dinner appointment. It was mensen zes (six people) at Familie Siriki. They're from Nigeria. It was just crazy. We had a bunch fun. 

Sunday was pretty cool as well. There was a doop dienst (baptismal service) for one of the sister's investigators. It was crazy though! They forgot to fill up the font, so we had to help the faucet in the font along by pouring buckets of water in. Super fun. (In the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, performing a baptism is done by complete immersion---going into the water and coming forth out of the water— it is symbolic of Jesus’ going into the grave, or death, and coming forth from it as a resurrected being. It also symbolizes our own rebirth, in that we bury the old person of sin and come forth a new person in Christ, desiring to follow Him and remain clean. 

Also we had a great dinner appointment with Familie Schiltz. They are just a bunch of fun. Super cool people. We eat with them every Sunday

Dinner at Familie Schiltz

Today was a blast. We played voetsal (indoor football) with the zone. Our district dominated! So much fun. 

Well that's about it. We are pushed for time today because we have appointments we have to get to, and we still need to go home and get changed. It's not fun living an hour from church. (They email from the church, so being this far away is quite a hardship for them. It takes them an hour to get there on  public transportation.)


Love you guys!

Elder Müller

So Elder Muller pranked his mother really good this week! Boy, is he going to hear about it!

Biking in the Belgian Countryside
Beautiful Belgian Countryside

Elder Reynolds biking with Elder Muller in the Sint Nicklaas

Elders and Sisters Playing Indoor Football

How Many Men Does It Take To Fix A Tram Line?

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