Monday, October 26, 2015

There is a living stream...

Hallo jonges! (Hello Everyone!)

This week has been all over the place. It will probably be a short email, because I have lot of other emails to reply to, but I have lots of pictures :).

First off, Tuesday I had a great exchange with Elder Bishesar. I was in Den Haag with him. It was pretty special, because it was the first time since the beginning of my mission that I slept over in the Den Haag zone leader's apartment. The first time was for my first Zone Conference here in the field. Pretty special, brought back a lot of good memories.

Wednesday was really great as well. We had interviews with President Bunnell. Can I just say that I have a testimony that Mission Presidents are inspired? I love that man, he is incredible. It is a privilege and a blessing to be able to learn from him. He helped me a lot with a lot of things that have been on my mind lately.

Thursday and Friday we worked in Den Bosch. One of those hidden gems of the Netherlands. That city is gorgeous. The members were good as well.

Here is a link to information on the city of Den Bosch. Check it out and learn about the delicious pastries the Elders are enjoying in the pictures below!

Special pastries of Den Bosch

Enjoying the Den Bosch pastries covered in chocolate!
Saturday was the performance of Journey of No End. (The production the Singing Elders perform.) It was so good! So many small miracles happened. First off, the church building in Eindhoven (where we performed) is really small, but somehow, we managed to fit everyone in the chapel.

Elders Hunter and Conatti resting before the performance!

Also, the program was just amazing. I feel like I did a lot better than in Apeldoorn. I was pleased with my performance. We also were blessed with an amazing group of missionaries who worked their butts off that night to talk to people and find new investigators. My boy (Zone Leader) Elder Da Silva was on fire, and just killed it. He has become an amazing missionary on his mission.

The effects of the performance are already starting. We got a call today from the Sisters in Breda that a long time investigator (she's been investigating almost my whole mission) decided that she needs to get baptized after seeing the concert on Saturday.

It's so amazing to be able to share our testimonies through music. That is really all we are doing, it's all that missionaries do. We are just lucky enough to do it through music.

Elders Muller, Shaw and  Conatti! Pure joy after another great performance!
Elder Hunter and a guest of the performance.
Elders Conatti and Hunter talking with guests after performance. Elder Shaw can be seen in the top right of the picture with the red tie!
Elders Conatti and Muller talking to guests.
Elder Muller after the performance visiting with members! 

After the performance. Elders Hunter, Shaw, Hunter and Conatti are at the very top of the picture.

Cool. Today we climbed the tower of the New Church in Delft. Lot's of pictures. Geniet ervan. (Enjoy!)

Love you guys.

Oh and go read the story of Christ and the women of Samaria at the well. :)

Elder Muller

Service! More painting!





Atop the tower! Delft

From Tower in Delft

Elder Hunter on the tower. Delft

Elders Hunter and Muller - tower in Delft


From the tower in Delft

Tower in Delft



From the tower in Delft

Artsy picture from the tower in Delft

Panoramic view from tower in Delft 

Monday, October 19, 2015

But I can't be a Singing Elder.....I'm just a little boy!

Elder Muller

Elders Muller and Hunter at Den Haag Temple

Elders Muller and Hunter at the Den Haag Temple

Temple Conference in The Hague, Netherlands

Here are links to two short three or four minute videos explaining the importance of temples.

Hey everyone! This week has been amazing!

First off, we had Temple Conference. I can't even describe how amazing Temple Conference was. It helped me so much with things that I have been personally struggling with. I have gained such a testimony of the temple on my mission. Like my (mission) godfather, Elder Hills says, It's soooooo gooooooood.

A link to see a picture gallery of LDS temples around the world.

Just quick backround, during Temple Conference, we get to go to one endowment session, and then afterwards, we get training and stuff from our leaders. Even though it's only one session, it's incredible how much that one session can help you. I think the most spiritual part, and the part that helped me the most, was after the session in the Celestial Room. Last Temple Conference, I was in the second group to go through, so we didn't get to spend much time in the Celestial Room, because we had to go get lunch with everyone else. This time though, I was in the first group, so Elder Hunter and I were able to stay for a lot longer. I am so incredibly grateful for that, because it was there that I received the answers to the questions I had.

Wednesday was also just a great day of missionary work. We just came from the fire of Temple Conference on Tuesday, so we just went hard. We found a good number of potentials, and we had a let-in first lesson as well. Also, another miracle, K--- and H---, two of the people we've been working with, went to church on Sunday, even though we weren't there! FINALLY!!!!!!!! It feels so good haha!

Thursday, Friday and Saturday we were in Maastricht, Heerlen, and Germany. What was really weird is that most of the appointments were with American military families. It was quite the culture shock. I guess it was a small taste of what going home will be like.

The ward down there is awesome though, lots of really cool families. The subject of my email comes from the 4 year old son of the last family we visited. He was super cute, and we asked him if he wanted to come with us and be a Singing Elder. That's when he said, "But I can't be a Singing Elder.... I'm just a little boy!" It was so cute!

Adventures of the week:

Traffic!! ZO VEEL FILE!!!! (So many traffic jams!) On the way down on Thursday, we left Den Haag at 3:17ish, and didn't get to Maastricht until like 7:30pm. That trip normally only takes like 2 hours. I don't think I was able to drive the full speed limit until we got past Eindhoven. Ugh!

The hot water heater broke in the Maastricht Elder's apartment (where we stayed the week), so we had to drive to Heerlen to take showers.

Cool! That was it! If you all want a challenge this week, make time to go to the temple! It's worth it, I promise!!

Love you guys!

Elder Muller

Elder Hunter

Elder Hunter

Elder Childs and Elder Muller - Elder Muller's "Dad" in the mission! Elder Childs was Elder Muller's first trainer when he arrived in the mission field. Might be the last time they see each other in the mission field.

A close up of Elder Childs! 

Good friends!

Refusing to smile!