Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Week 22: It tastes like an angel peed on my tongue...

Antwerpen, Belgium - Central Train Station on a Rainy Day
The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Antwerpen, Belgium
February 23, 2015

Hello everyone. 

It's been an interesting week. Plenty of ups and downs. Probably one of the strangest weeks on the mission so far. 

First, It tastes like an angel peed on my tongue... 
It's an expression used here to say something tastes good. Woooo! Belgium!
het smaakt zoals en engeltje aan mijn tong geplast heeft. 

So Tuesday was just a horrible day. Pretty much everything that could have gone wrong, went wrong. We missed the tram we wanted to catch to district meeting, so we had to wait. We got on a tram, the tram broke down. Had to wait for another tram. I got on that tram, but the driver closed the doors before Elder Shelton could, so we got separated. I got off the tram at the next stop and waited for him to catch up on the next tram. We finally got to the church an hour and a half after we left our apartment. Then we found out that the ward had planned a tour of the church building for non members, but had forgotten to notify us, so they told us that we weren't going to be able to do district meeting at the church.... We managed to work it out that we could, we just had district meeting in a closet.... haha. We had a great district meeting, great lunch, we went home to pick up some stuff, when I got the letter that broke my heart. :( I cried for a good 30 minutes, and then we went back out and did some good work. We had some interesting contacts, got called Satan by a guy, etc, etc... Pretty tough day. 

Wednesday was a lot better, we had some cool lessons with people and had some good lookups. We had a cool member referral. We were at a minder (less) active's house, when his friend walked in. He's from the Czech Republic and was interested in what we were talking about. We taught him the first lesson and invited him to be baptized. Super cool! Member referrals are the best! 

Thursday we had exchanges with the Zone Leaders, I was with Elder Lyman in Antwerpen, and Elder Shelton was with Childs in .... Antwerpen haha. Me and Elder Lyman had a great day. We taught some cool lessons and had a great appointment with another minder (less) active who is in a hospital right now. He is trying to quit smoking, so he checked himself into rehab to help him stop. We visit him every week and have a lesson with him. He's a super cool guy, and has a strong desire to change. I admire him for it. 

Friday was tough, we had no appointments, and it was raining. Most people don't like to talk to you when it's raining. Not much happened, it was a pretty slow day. 

Saturday we knocked doors in Mortsel the whole day. Found some cool potentials, gave away some copies of the Book of Mormon. It was an average day. 

Yesterday was fun. Church was cool. It was Sister Jones' birthday, so we had a mini party during correlation.* Had some cake and stuff. We taught this Russian guy that called us on Saturday wanting to know where the church was. We met with him on Sunday and tried to teach the first lesson, but he doesn't understand dutch or English very well. We ended up teaching through Google Translate haha. First time I'd ever extended a baptismal invitation through google translate.... We had a great dinner appointment at Familie Schiltz. They have us over every Sunday night and just go ham with food. It's great. Sister Schiltz is from Ireland and is just a sweetheart. Brother Schiltz is just super cool. He's really good at piano. 

*Correlation is a meeting they have with all the missionaries in their Ward and their Ward Mission Leader. This will be a Brother from the ward who is serving as the one helping the missionaries with the missionary efforts in that specific ward.

Well that's about it. Tuesday was probably the hardest day of the week, but when I was sitting there thinking about Sariah, I knew that this was a test, and that how I reacted would effect my mission. So I got up and went to work. That's all we can do as missionaries, get out and do our best. As long as we come in knowing that we tried our hardest, we know we are successful.

Love you guys!

Elder Müller

Elder Muller says, "So close...."

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