Monday, March 28, 2016

Vrolijk Paasfeest! (Happy Easter!)

Elders Muller and Andrew at Zone Conference - From President Bunnell's mission blog.
Lunch at Zone Conference - picture from President Bunnell's mission blog
Elder Muller at Zone Conference - picture from President Bunnell's mission blog.
Zone Conference - Elder Muller is in the top right, back row, 5th in from the end! He is standing next to a senior missionary couple, and President and Sister Bunnell - This picture is taken from President Bunnell's mission blog

Zone Conference - Elder Muller is in the top back row, right hand side - in case you can't see him!! This picture is from President Bunnell's mission blog

Happy Easter, Everyone!

I know it's a day late, but thankfully here in the Netherlands, they have two of every holiday! 2e Kerst, 2e Pasen, 2e Pinksterdag. Why party only one day when you could party 2? :) (2nd Christmas, 2nd Easter, and 2nd Pentecost Day)

Well I don't know about the rest of you, but I had an awesome week. It was just really good. We had a lot of cool miracles, and unexpected teaching opportunities. That always makes a missionary happy :) 

So to start off, I had a great exchange with Elder Mostoller here in Haarlem. He's a newer guy, but he's off to a great start. He is a really good missionary. We had a dinner appointment with an 83 year woman, who (without us knowing) also invited her two less active daughters over. It was a great appointment ;)

Wednesday Elder Leishman and I looked up referrals the whole day. 
I think I mentioned it before, but our mission is doing a Facebook referral campaign with "The Lamb of God" movie. People order it (for free) and then we go visit them to follow up. Well we got about 20 of these referrals. On Wednesday, we biked out to a place called Zandvoort to look some of them up. We were able to set up an appointment for this week with one, and on the way to the other another referral... we found it....the hidden treasure of the Netherlands. Hills. Actual hills. :)

Friday was also pretty cool. We were looking up more referrals in IJmuiden (way north of Haarlem), and one of them, whom we had already tried a bunch of times to contact (this was do or die) was finally home, let us in, we taught a lesson and now we have a new investigator! Pretty cool! 

Last miracle of the week was yesterday, Sunday. There were a bunch of nonmembers in our Sacrament meeting. Most left right after the meeting was over, but a couple stayed. One girl, from the Philippines, had come with a friend. Her friend walked up to me after Sacrament, and was like "This is my friend. Teach her." So we did :) we had an awesome first lesson with her about the Restoration. It is so cool when stuff like that happens. 

Yesterday we also had the Easter concert. (Elder Muller performed with the Stake Choir in performing the Lamb of God. He also had a solo part!) I don't have much time, and I wish I could say more. I would like to share this song with all of you.

I want to testify to all of you that Jesus Christ is risen. He lives, and because He lives, we also may live, if we follow Him. I love my Savior, and I am so grateful for the opportunity that I have had on my mission to grow closer to Him, and to help others do the same. It truly is a marvelous work and a wonder.  Although we may not know everything now, and perhaps our faith might be weak, I know that someday, sometime, we will understand. 

I love all of you, 

Remember Him.

Elder Muller

Here is a link to another song from The Lamb of God. You can find other links to more of the music. It is beautiful. This is what the choir performed for the Easter concert. The song in this link has the lyric in that Elder Muller referred to last week: (From the Apostle Peter) "If I would leave thee, where will I go?"

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