Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Nee, Hoor! (No Way!)

Directional sign shows Phoenix to the left!

Monday, February 29, 2016

Dames en Heren, op dit moment is er geen treinverkeer mogelijk tussen Eindhoven en Rotterdam Centraal. Hou u rekening met extra reistijden. (Ladies and Gentleman, At this moment, there is no train service possible between Eindhoven and Rotterdam Centraal. Make sure you plan for extra travel time.)

And that is how we come into the middle of the adventure that started more than 24 hours before. We'll get there in a second. :)

So this has been an extremely busy week. I was just exhausted yesterday. Thank goodness for P-day naps. We had a bunch of cool miracles happen, and really good lessons. We've been praying for help, and we've been getting it. 

I will share a quick story. On Tuesday we came out of a lesson with a less active, and had planned on knocking in his area. Instead we both felt like we should go visit an investigator that we hadn't seen or heard from in more than a week. We bike over, and right as we pull in the street who do we see walking home from grocery shopping? Our investigator. We had a really good talk with him, and were able to meet with him twice more this last week. :) Just cool miracles like that are happening every day. It's really strengthening my testimony of hard work and faith. We gonna change this city, yo!

So on Friday I was on exchanges with Elder Henderson in Zoetermeer. Almost the whole day we built a fence for an investigator. It was fun work actually. That night we had a sick dinner appointment with a less active named Mary Lou. She is from the Philippines, and she is an AMAZING cook. She made us tenderloin steak, and other goodies.  (See below for pictures!)

The next morning, I went on a three man split to Eindhoven with Elder Henderson and Elder Leishman. We went to attend the baptism of someone that I met on the music project. It was a great baptismal service. I also got to see Elder Shaw which was awesome. 

Now we go back to the start of my email. So on our way back to Den Haag, they shut down all the trains running between Eindhoven and Rotterdam (time to go pull out your maps of the Netherlands) so we had to travel through Utrecht. All three of us had appointments at 3:30, so we needed to get back on time. Our train from Eindhoven to Utrecht was also delayed by 5 minutes because of a train in front of it. We pulled into Utrecht Centraal just in time to see our connecting train pull away from the spoor. (track) #treinleven  (#trainlife) With that delay we were going to be cutting it close. 

We called our companions (who were in a three man in Den Haag for the day) and figured out that we wouldn't have time to switch back to our normal two-man companionships. So we three headed to Zoetermeer to make the Zoetermeer Elders' appointment. We had to acquire a third bike, which involved achteroping part of the way (go do an image search of that). 

(I believe he means one of the Elders had to ride on the back of the bike part of the way to acquire a third bike! Always a fun sight to see! Especially young men in suits! I was unable to find a picture of missionaries "achteroping", but these two photos should give you the idea!)


The appointment was a BBQ for the young men, (mostly the less actives) and we had a giant rubber band war with them.We then traveled back to Den Haag and switched back to our normal companionships. It was a crazy day. 

Well I'm out of time... I hope you all have a great week. Love you!

Elder Muller

Doing service!

Building a fence!

The fence!

The delicious dinner!  Elders Clukey, Henderson (?), Isaksen and Muller

Elder Clukey looks like he is enjoying it!

Pure deliciousness! 

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