Monday, April 4, 2016

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Zone P-day

Zone P-day

The title of this email is just a quote from my Ward Mission Leader. He's crazy, and we love him :) 

So much has happened this week, I don't even know where to begin. I guess with Tuesday. We started teaching a family. They are cool (like everyone else we teach haha). We had set up this appointment with them (they were a Facebook campaign referral) to follow up on the DVD, but they forgot about it. They still let us in, and told us that they hadn't been able to watch it because of some problems with the DVD player. We fixed it for them, and then had an awesome short lesson about Jesus Christ. The husband has a lot of questions that all tie into the Plan of Salvation. We set up a return appointment for Thursday to teach them the first lesson, which went awesome! The only catch, they leave to go back to Luxemburg this week (they live in Vianden!*) Hopefully they will come back and we will be able to continue teaching them. If not, we will have to give their info to the missionaries there.

(*Vianden, Luxumberg is a place our family has visited many times. It is beautiful, and it has a restored medieval castle that we have toured many times! Elder Muller knows that is one of my (mom) favorite places!)

Wednesday we had a bunch of cool small miracles. We were looking up more Facebook referrals in dorps (villages) outside our main working area. One of the referrals had no house number, just a street name. That presents a problem. Normally when that happens we have to knock the entire street and hope that we find the person we are looking for. This time I felt prompted that we should walk down the street and just look for the name on one of the nameplates on the door (they do that here, next to the doorbell they put the family name. It can be really handy). We didn't see it, but right as we were walking past a door, it opened up and two women in a pretty deep conversation walked out. I didn't want to interrupt them, but I felt like I should ask them if they knew the person we were looking for. I started to ask a question, and one of the woman just put her hand up and said 'Nee, ik heb net mijn zus begraven, kom terug een andere keer' ("No, I have just buried my sister. Come back another time.") I kind of just kept going and was like 'eigenlijk wij zoeken naar deze familie. kent u toevallig dit gezin?' ("Actually, we are looking for the this family. Do you happen to know this family?") she was like, 'ja, dat ben ik hoor'. (Yes! That is me!) We were able to give her the DVD and bear our testimony to her. Pretty cool huh? We just happen to run into the very person we are looking for.

The second miracle was in a tiny dorp (village) called Spaarndam. Fun fact, that is where the legend of the boy with his thumb in the dijk (dike) comes from. We looked up the person we were trying to contact. They weren't home. So we knocked the small little street that she lived on (keep in mind that this dorp only has like 2 streets) and the first five doors get slammed in our face. Elder Leishman looks at me with that look that's like 'do we really need to knock this whole street? They all hate us'. We decide to keep going. Next door opens up. We give away a Book of Mormon. People are looking for the truth, even in Spaarndam. 

So real quick, cause I'm about out of time, Conference. I really enjoyed President Uchtdorf's talk in the Sunday morning session, also his talk in the Priesthood session. I noticed a lot of focus on family and marriage, I guess they are getting me ready for when I get home haha. Just kidding :) 

When Elder Ballard was talking about family councils, he mentioned roommate councils, well within three minutes, Elder Shaw and I were already discussing how we are going to conduct our apartment councils, we are going to be the best parents our roommates have ever had ;) Watch out everyone, the reign of Mr Wonky and Skinnky Britches will continue! 

Just some quotes from Conference that I really liked before I close:

'The greatest leader is also the greatest follower' 
'Pull out the weeds and water the flowers' 
'tasting vs partaking'
Love you guys! 

Elder M

A link to the city of Spaarndam and the boy and dike

This weekend was April General Conference for the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. General Conference is held twice a year. In April and in October. For our family, they are the best two weekends of the year. We are able to listen to counsel from leaders of our Church. Conference actually begins the weekend before with the General Women's Broadcast. This year it was held on Saturday, March 26, 2016. On April 2nd and 3rd we had two days filled with wonderful messages of faith, hope and charity.  I would invite all of you to watch this Conference at the following link. You will be sure to be edified by the amazing talks of Jesus Christ and his restored gospel.

Here are direct links to the two talks Elder Muller is referring to:

The boy with his thumb in the dike, Spaardam Nederland

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