Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Oh Oh Den Haag

Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Dear Parents of the wonderful Belgium/ Netherlands Missionaries,

By now, you have surely heard about the explosions in the Brussels airport and metro.  All of our missionaries are safe.  Those that are serving in and near Brussels are being confined to their apartments, and all Belgian missionaries are being instructed to stay away from all public transportation and other forms of public gatherings.  We appreciate your prayers on behalf all of our missionaries.  We will keep you advised as new developments occur. 

Thank you,
President Bunnell

This was the email sent out by the Mission President


Monday, March 21, 2016

Hello everyone, 

I'm still here in the Netherlands. Surprise surprise. 

I had a really good/busy week. I don't have a whole lot of time, so here are the highlights.

Tuesday was pretty awesome. We had a lesson in IJmuiden, so we were working up there for a bit. We looked up a couple referrals/potentials we had, but nobody let us in. We had about 15 min before we needed to catch our bus, but we decided to go the extra mile and look up one more person before we went back to Haarlem. Well we passed the test, she was home, she let us in, we had a short lesson and set up a return appointment to teach the Restoration this Friday. :) 

A link to see IJmuiden, Nederland:
Thursday we had Zone Training. It was really quite good actually. We talked about Preach My Gospel,  Chapter 1, Our Purpose as Missionaries. It was a great pump up session. 

For those interested, this is what Elder Muller is referring to:
Friday we were on exchanges with the Zone Leaders in Den Haag. I was with Elder Clukey, and we had a really great day, two awesome lessons, and a lot of knocking.

Saturday we helped a family in our ward move.

Yesterday we had church of course, and then we went to Amsterdam to attend a baptismal service. First time in Amsterdam on the mission! Kind of weird ha ha. 

We also had choir practice for the Easter concert next week. Can I just say that music is incredible? Every time I listen to the music, or we practice I find a new line that just touches me. I love it. The line from this week is from Peter (the Apostle)... "If I would leave thee, where would I go?" Food for thought :)
Love you guys, sorry for the short email!
Elder Muller

Elder Muller sent the following silly video about Den Haag! He said we should enjoy it!

No pictures this week:(

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