Monday, November 30, 2015

The Journey of No End Musical has reached its end.......

The Singing Elders (Elders Shaw, Conatti, Muller and Hunter) Don't they make a great looking "boy band"! :)

The Singing Elders and sister missionaries!

The Journey of No End Musical has reached its end.....

That's right. This was our last week on the Singing Elder Project. We had our last concert in Utrecht Saturday, November 28th. We are done touring, and we are now preparing for our "farewell" concert on the 11th of December. It is going to be a crazy two weeks. There is a lot still to do and prepare.

So my week. This whole week has just been a blur. Tuesday we had a really great lesson with a less active Brother R---. We taught out of Jacob 1 from the Book of Mormon. He knows the Book of Mormon really well, so it is nice learning from him as well. We talked a lot about the Atonement and how it works. Really, really good lesson.

Wednesday we were in Belgium practicing for our Christmas concert. Our pianist lives in Ghent, and it's too expensive for her to travel all the way up here, so we drove down to work there. It brought back a lot of memories from my first two transfers in the land. We practiced in the Ghent church where I had district meeting every week, and we went to Ikea for lunch just like I always did. Aw man, the trunkiness!

Thursday and Friday we were working in Gouda. It was so good! The members there are awesome, as well as the missionaries. We had some really cool experiences, and I figured I would share one.

On Friday morning we were able to teach a lesson to a family with the Elders in Gouda. They are both relatively new investigators, and they were just the nicest people ever. He told us about how he had been going through hard times after losing his job (she still works) and trying to find a new one. He came to the point where he realized that God had a plan for him, but that HE needed to change things, not just sit back and wait for God to fix everything for him. He had such a great understanding of how we use our faith, it was incredible. He then told us about how he felt that some of the emptiness he had felt was gone after he prayed with the Elders (previous lesson) and after we sang for them. He also came to the concert on Saturday, and went to church the next day as well. SO COOL!

The concert on Saturday was pretty emotional for all of us. The whole day was. We did have an awesome group of people who helped us get through it. Shoutouts to Marcia, Lil, Debbi, Morgan, Mike, and Brother Jones! They kept us going, and they made us an awesome Thanksgiving dinner. It was divine.

The concert was incredible. There were so many non members there, the most I have ever seen at one concert. I was able to talk, and testify to a lot of them afterwards, and I know that everyone that I spoke to had been touched by the Spirit. It was the perfect ending to an incredible journey.

I love you guys, and I hope that you have a great week!


Elder Muller

Elder Muller's district before the last transfer - Love his reflection in the TV!

Beautiful Sister Missionaries

Saying goodbye before transfers

Saying goodbyes before transfers

Saying goodbyes before transfers.

I can't tell if that is a happy smile,
 or if they have him by the back of the neck! Or maybe he has become frightened of girls since being on his mission!

How Elder Hunter travels!

Elder Muller with a Zwarte Piet hat for Sinterklaas Day! Zwarte Piet is Sinterklaas's helper to pass out toys and goodies!

They ran into Elder Strikwerda! He has finished his mission and is showing his family around the mission! This is his mom and sister!

A wonderful dinner appointment with the Amersfoort Elders and members, and it looks like they got Sinterklaas Treats!

Another wonderful dinner appointment with members and the Amersfoort Elders!

Elder Muller taking a stab at opening his Christmas package from home!!

Elder Muller opening his Christmas Stocking from home!

Yes, his Mama sent him sausage!

This is Amersfoort in the Netherlands

Gouda, Netherlands

Awesome ladies cooking up a great Thanksgiving feast at the Church building in Utrecht. This is the meal before the last performance of the Singing Elders. Left to Right at the stove: Lill, Debbi and Marcia (in the front!)

Lots of cooks in the kitchen!!

These ladies take great care of my boy!! Thank you!!

The Thanksgiving Dinner!

Happy faces!

Here is just some of the food they had to choose from!

Smakelijk Eeten!

I just cannot resist posting pictures of Elder Shaw!!

Elders Conatti, Muller and Hunter

Elders Conatti and Hunter

Elder Shaw (posting a prior picture of him, but I find his pictures hilarious!)

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