Tuesday, November 17, 2015

An Update from the Mission President

Monday, November 17, 2015

Elder Muller did not send a group email this week for his blog. I am not sure why, but my guess would be he ran short of internet time at the internet cafe.

He has assured me in his message to me that he is safe, and they are being careful.

So since I don't have any email to share from him, I thought I would share the email sent to all families from his Mission President, President Bunnell. I received this Saturday afternoon, the day after the Paris attacks.

A note of information from President Bunnell:
In light of the recent bombing in Paris we would like to let the families of our missionaries know of the love and concern of each missionary we serve with. We are aware of the bombing in our neighboring mission, the Paris-France Mission. We are so grateful all missionaries are safe and in their apartment and no members have been hurt in the violence. We are in contact with the LDS Security professionals in Frankfurt Germany and receive daily update regarding any safety concerns in Europe. At this time there is no immediate cause for concern for our missionaries. We will inform you by our mission blog or email if any event arises that may involve our missionaries. We are praying for the safety of all the people of Europe and the many missionaries that serve here. Please join your prayers with ours. - President Bunnell

Thank you to all of you who have contacted me to check on Elder Muller. I appreciate your love and prayers for him. Please keep ALL the missionaries around the world in your prayers as well.

In absence of an update from Elder Muller, I would like to fill this post with some uplifting messages of faith and hope.  I do this to honor all of our young men and women around the world serving as representatives of the Lord Jesus Christ in these very turbulent and dangerous times. I hope you will take a moment to watch these very brief messages.

The first brief message is the reason our young men and women are serving around the world. To bring the world the message of hope and love that is contained in the Book of Mormon. This is a short explanation of this sacred book. I know it to be true. I have read it and prayed about it. You can as well.

The next brief message is on courage, something our young missionaries need each and every day to do what they do. To get up at 6.30 every morning, to study independently and with their companion, to leave their apartments to walk the streets of their areas never knowing for sure who they will meet or how they will be received - will they be yelled at, will doors be slammed in their faces, with they have things thrown at them, will they be called various vile names? These 18, 29, 20 & 21 year old missionaries have to have faith and courage to do this day after day, away from their loved ones and support systems. They learn to rely on their faith and develop a deep and meaningful relationship with our Heavenly Father and our Savior, Jesus Christ.  I hope that we can all learn to have a kernel of the faith and courage our young missionaries have. 

Learn from the life of Esther and other inspiring women the importance of trusting in God and courageously standing up for what you believe. 

The last brief message helps us to learn to turn to God in our times of need. I know from my letters from Elder Muller, that his mission has taught him to do this. 

Sometimes in life, there is no where else to turn but to God. Elder D. Todd Christofferson shares a personal experience that taught him to truly pray, recognize answers to prayers, and take life one day at a time:

May we find peace and comfort in these turbulent latter days. May we all find the courage to meet each and every day with faith and prayer.

Much Love,
A Missionary Mom

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