Monday, November 23, 2015

I beguiled him, and he opened them!

November 23, 2015

Another Elder Conatti quote this week. Elder Conatti managed to convince Elder Shaw to open his Christmas package this week. That was his only comment about the matter. He also managed to get me to open just one of the presents from mine. Thanks for the beef jerky guys! :) (Elder Muller received his Christmas package from home!)

So sorry about last week, I didn't realize that the big email didn't send... It was supposed to, maar goed. (but, okay!)

This week was a really good week. We stayed and worked in Amersfoort, and went to Gouda on Sunday. Amersfoort is a really pretty city. Reminds me a bit of Belgium.

A link to tourist attractions is included:

Speaking of Belgium, just in case you all were wondering, the missionaries there are okay. They have been given instructions on how to deal with the current situation there, and they are all safe.

Also, we are going to Belgium on Wednesday! W00T! We are going to Ghent to practice for our Christmas concert (That's where the pianist lives). I'm pretty excited to be going back again. I'm really hoping that after the project ends, that I will go back to Belgie! (The Singing Elders have one last performance of their musical that they have toured the mission performing. It will happen this weekend in Utrecht. The Christmas concert is happening on December 11th. Elder Muller will be singing rather than playing the piano, hence why he is referring to where the pianist lives! He will not be hidden behind the piano, but will be front and center with Elders Shaw, Hunter and Conatti!)

So anyway, this week was really good. The members here in Amersfoort are really cool. It's a smaller ward, but the members that we visited are all really strong. They gave us a lot of food as well :) 

We stayed with the Elders in Amersfoort. They wanted a shout out on the blog, so Elder Byers and Elder D'Agostin, here ya go! I have to say they got us really good on Saturday night. We had been talking the night before about some crazy experiences we've had on the mission with like people being possessed and stuff. So we walk in after a long day of appointments and singing, and what are they doing? They are both dressed up sitting around the table with something that resembles a pentacle (wasn't actually), a cup full of red liquid, a blank teaching record on the pentacle thing, a cleaver, and spooky music. We got a little freaked out, because we walked in unannounced, and they were doing this. Apparently they were summoning new investigators. Turns out it was a joke, but if you knew these Elders, you probably wouldn't put it past them. ;)

What is a pentacle?

This week in Delft, Elder Hunter and I had a really good lesson with a less active man that we visit every week. We normally just read a chapter in the Book of Mormon and then discuss what it teaches and what we learned. This week we read in 2 Nephi 29. Now this chapter is a bit of a throw down/call to repentance chapter, but this brother really opened up to us for the first time. We have been visiting him every week for a while, but there was always a distance. He actually opened up to us, shared his conversion story, as well as his testimony with us. It was really cool. The next day we helped him varnish his floor. That was fun as well.

Here is a link to 2 Nephi Chapter 29 in the Book of Mormon. 

So really quick before I close this off, I would invite all of you to read King Benjamin's speech this week. I am in the middle of studying it, and there is a lot we can learn from it. It begins in Mosiah 2 and goes to Mosiah 5, if I'm not mistaken.

If you would like to study King Benjamin's speech in the Book of Mormon, here are the links to it. I have included Chapters 1 -5.

Cool beans. I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving! We are going to the missionary Turkey Bowl today, it will be fun. We are getting ready for the last week of the project. Pretty crazy that almost six months of work (for me, a year for Elders Hunter and Conatti) is coming to a close.

Love you all!

Elder Muller

Oh, again, no pictures this week. I'm emailing at a library in Amersfoort, and it won't detect my camera. Jammer. (Sorry)

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