Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Lightsaber Battles and Pizza

(I am traveling this week for Hillary's wedding (Elder Muller's older sister), so I am unable to post pictures this week. Will update blog when I return, and add pictures then!)

August 3, 2015

Hello everyone! So it's my birthday today--yay! Not everyone is lucky enough to have it on a P-day, so I am very lucky!

So today we are going to chill on the beach with some other missionaries. It is like 25° Celsius today, so it is perfect weather. I am excited!

So run down on the week. Biggest thing was our super member present referral RAD.

So last week we received a member referral, a rare jewel in this mission, from a less active member. We were able to teach her this week in the member's home (that is what a super member present lesson is... A lesson taught to an investigator in the member's home) and it was just awesome! We taught the first lesson (RAD). Our joint teach was awesome. There were several times when the lesson was getting off track, but he always just brought it right back for us. It was awesome! The lady we taught, E---, is awesome. She is already trying to quit smoking, and is gaining a testimony of the Book of Mormon. She read half of it in a week! She is pretty solid, and we are excited to begin teaching her. 

We had a couple other lessons this week which was nice, but mostly we practiced. A lot. Like a good 10 hours every day. We were pretty tired. We have made a lot of improvement though. It is hard work, but once we get everything down, it is going to be awesome

So my mother sent me a list of questions that I guess people have asked, so I will try to answer some of them. 

1. Singing Elder Project. People would like to know specifics. Rehearsal time, songs, are you performing in Dutch or English? How many hours a day do you practice. Where do you practice? How is the learning curve coming? How long is the performance.

Like I said, we rehearse 4 days a week from 11 to 8 with an hour for lunch, 12 songs, mixed English and Dutch (depends on if we have a translation). We practice either in Rotterdam or Den Haag. Performance is around 1 hr 30 mins. 

2. How is wearing the helmets going? People are asking if you have had any things thrown at you yet, and people are curious why they would throw things at you.  

meh about as well as we expected. People laugh and make snark remarks. Cars honk at us. 
Here because they have bike roads and everyone bikes, it is culturally not acceptable to wear helmets. The only exceptions are if you are handicapped or on a race bike with spandex on. 

3. How do you get around in  your new area? Bikes, bus, or walking. How far is your apartment from your church building.

Mixture or all of the above. Mostly metro, tram, bus, and walking, so we don't have to wear helmets!

5. Where is Elder Childs that you got to be on exchanges with him. Is he your ZL.

Yes, he is my Zone Leader! (Elder Childs was Elder Muller's trainer in his first area in the mission. He was also his Zone Leader in Antwerpen!)

6. Do you get to sing or just play piano. What part to do you sing if you do sing.
both Bass 

7. People want to know the differences between Belgium and Dutch food. Which is your favorite?

Not much. I feel like the Dutch eat a lot more Asian and Suriname food than Belgians. I prefer the Belgian food, but I am biased. I feel like they eat more traditional food. 

8. People ask me about the culture. Could you talk about that sometime. And people ask the differences between Dutch areas versus Flemish areas. And they want to know what your prefer.

Well they don't like each other! They both think they are better than the other, and that is all I am going to say about that. 

9.I have been asked by several people if you have any more funny pedestrian crossing signs to share. Those were a big hit on the blog!!

I will keep my eye out for more. 

Cool, that is about it, I think. Elder Shaw says hi! 

Oh, subject line. Inside joke. 


Mr Wonky (my comp name, Shaw is Skinny Britches) 

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