Monday, August 31, 2015

Amigos...ik heb zo veel gegeten! (Friends, I have eaten so much!)

Elder Muller driving in Arnhem

Elder Muller reunited with his former companion, Elder Paur. Zone Conference

Hola Amigos and Amigas!

So this has been another great week. I figured I should stop saying crazy, awesome, interesting etc. because every week is like that. So from now on, just insert one of those adjectives in there. :)

So the lowdown on the week.

Monday we had dinner with the Stake President and his family, and it was soooo much fun. They are awesome. Right after that, we went and taught one of our investigators, G-- Ming. He is so sweet, he texted us and asked for an appointment. Here is one of his texts. "How are you brothers? I'm at home reading Mormon. Take care my dear teachers!" Just one of the sweetest and humblest guys I've met. We had a really good lesson with him.

On Tuesday we worked with the Zone Leader's in Delft. With the two companionships combined we had more than 7 hours of contacting time, which is awesome!

Wednesday we taught K-- and H--. K-- is a less active member, and H-- is her husband who wants to get baptized. They are really cool, and really Dutch!

Thursday was Zone Conference. It was the best Zone Conference I've had on my mission. Elder Dykes of the Seventy came and spoke to us. It was exactly what the mission needed. We talked a lot about working with members, gratitude, becoming Master Teachers, planning, just a little bit of everything. It was very uplifting and motivating. Elder Hunter and I made some great companionship goals the next day that will help us apply what he taught. It's going to be awesome! :)

Thursday we also traveled to Arnhem to start working there for the project. We visited a lot of members and had some cool experiences.  

Just the important bits:

First, I have grown to respect and love Elder Hunter even more this week. He is amazing. On Wednesday an old injury started bothering him again. (For the sake of privacy, I'm not going to say what it is.) He worked the entire week in Arnhem without murmuring or complaining even though he was, and still is, in a lot of pain. So please pray for him. Today we are going to the hospital to see if he needs surgery. (which if he does, he will have to go home, so please please pray for him)

That aside, we saw miracles. I might only be able to share one because of the time,...

So we visited a lady in Arnhem with the Arnhem Sisters missionaries. She had invited her neighbor over to hear us sing. As we were talking with him before we sang, he brought up that he had been searching for God and faith. We discussed it a little further, and we all new we needed to teach him the Restoration. Elder Hunter turned to Sister Watts and was like, "RAD him." (Restoration and baptismal invite) which we did. Met z''n 6! (ummm, how do you translate that? all 6 of us!) (A little more clarification. So the four Singing Elders were visiting with a member in Arnhem. Arnhem has two Sister Missionaries, so there were actually six missionaries in her home at this meeting! Can I just say, having six missionaries in your home at one time is so powerful and Spirit-filled. So Elder Muller is explaining that they taught the Restoration of the restored gospel to this gentleman, and invited him to be baptized. And he got to hear this lesson from not one or two missionaries, but from SIX missionaries! Powerful!)

This man was incredible. One of the greatest, if not the greatest first lesson I have ever been a part of. He understood every point, the need for the proper authority, the role of the Book of Mormon and Joseph Smith. Everything that people normally struggle with, or don't understand, he just knew. It was awesome! That lesson gave me a testimony of the music project. This is what we do, provide a way for the members to give missionaries referrals. How easy was it? "Hey neighbor, there are four missionaries from my church coming over to sing for me tonight - would you like to come listen?" Something like that, and now the Sisters are teaching someone who has been searching for the restored gospel for a long time.  SO COOL!

So that's about it, I need to run before the computer shuts off. The subject is just because I ate SOOOOO MUCH this week. Back to back dinner appointments, it's been great.

I included some pictures of a couple people we visited. N-- and V-- moved to Arnhem, so we got to visit them! Also a less active named P--.

Love you guys!

Elder Muller

Singing for members in their home! A family from Rotterdam now living in Arnhem! Elders Hunter, Conatti, members, Elders Shaw and Muller

A family from Rotterdam now living in Arnhem! Elder Muller and Elder Shaw!

Dinner with P---. Elder Muller, Shaw, Hunter, Conatti, friend, Sister Watts and Sister Meaghan

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