Tuesday, August 25, 2015


A sure sign you are in Europe when they have to put instructions on how to use a soda fountain properly! (Rough Translation: "The perfect glass of a cold drink" 1. Full your cup with 1/3 ice...that is a bit less than a half. 2. Choose your favorite cold drink...preferably before you are ready? 3. Fill the rest of your cup with the cold drink and enjoy!!

Dinner with an Indonesian family, and they made the Elders a FEAST!!

Elder Hunter, Elder Muller's new companion!!

Note: Elder Muller is now having to email from an internet cafe in Den Haag, so he has only so much time to write before the computer shuts down. :(

Monday, August 24, 2015

Hey everyone, 

So my first week in Delft has been fun. I have a lot to write, and not a lot of time, so here it goes! My new companion is Elder Hunter!!!

So I was going to write out the story of transfer day, but it's too long.... I'll write it in a letter and send it. haha Let's just say that it was the longest transfer day that either of us has ever experienced. It included people jumping in front of trains, my name not being on the transfer plans, rescuing Sisters, teaching like bosses, visiting almost every major city in North and South Holland, scaring the heck out of a brand new greenie and his trainer at 10 pm (not on purpose), being mocked by two old Dutch women, and driving in Den Haag (that's a scary movie right there, this city is crazy!), That is just the beginning!

Anyhoo, on to the rest of my week. 

I love Delft. It is awesome. It's one of the oldest cities in the Netherlands, in fact most of the Royal Family is buried here. It also has one of the largest universities in the Netherlands, so lots of students! 

I love Elder Hunter. I knew in the MTC that we were going to be companions, I just knew it. We are having so much fun together. I don't think that they realized what would happen when they put us together. It's good crazy though, to quote Olaf from Frozen, ''All good things! All good things!" 

This week we really focused on the music project. Yesterday we began traveling to prepare the wards and members in the area of the next concert. A little more background info. 

So we perform once a transfer. This transfer it is in Apeldoorn, in the Netherlands. Every week we visit and work in a different ward. We go to their Sacrament Meeting on Sunday, perform a song, and make appointments to visit them during the week. That's what we did yesterday. 
When we visit them, we explain a little more about the project, what the project's purpose is, what their role is, and then we sing for them. Pretty cool!

This next week we will be visiting the members in Arnhem. 

Cool, so now for something completely different.

This week has been interesting for me personally, as is every week of a new transfer. The title of my email last week was reboot, and that is what this past week has been for me. A reboot of myself. My last couple days with Elder Shaw we talked a lot about the whole "full missionary" thing. I wanted to talk more about it, but I don't feel like it's the time or place. One comment though, I do think it is something you will never recognize in yourself, but others will. 

Maar goed (Okay, good), Shaw and I discussed our personal dedication to the work, I personally felt that the last couple transfers I've become too comfortable with where I am spiritually and as a missionary. I want to change that. This week has been a great launching platform. With a new city, new companion, new every thing you have the opportunity to make a truly fresh start. 

Side note, I really don't know where I'm going with this. I'm just writing stuff that is coming to my mind.

Elder Hunter and I have discussed where we are personally as well. We have been very open with one another, which is awesome. I think we are going to help each other a lot, we have a lot of the same goals, a lot of the same things we want to improve, and we both have been 'rebooted' into the work. 

So the computer is about to shut down, so sorry I have to cut this short. Maybe I'll finish my thoughts next week. Love you guys!

Elder Muller

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