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Elder Muller's District

August 17, 2015

Hello everyone, 

So more news, transfer calls were last night... And I am getting transferred again! Elder Shaw and I are getting whitewashed out of Capelle aan den IJssel. I will be going to Delft with Elder Hunter, and Elder Shaw will be in Schiedam with Elder Conatti (the other singing Elder). So Shaw is repeating what I did last transfer. He has to move apartments, areas and companions, but stays in the same ward. Really weird. One of the Elders te (from) Schiedam, Elder Garcia, will be going to Capelle, so he and Shaw are switching places. Really weird transfer, still trying to figure it out. Oh, Elders Neptune and Ames, when you read this, Shaw isn't happy..... :)

So this week has been pretty crazy. I had a fun exchange on Tuesday with Elder Drinkwater, a greenie who is serving in Spijkenisse (Spike City in English). He is probably the greenest kid I have ever met, but in the best way. He has a ton of greenie fire, and is just a sweetie pie. 

Wednesday and Thursday we practiced. Wednesday here in Rotterdam and Thursday in Leiden. On Thursday night, after practicing the whole day, we decided that we were going to change the format of how we perform. Previously they stood in front of music stands while they performed. Thursday night at 8 pm (the night before the performance) we changed it so that the script is inside of books, and they read it like a story. No music stands. So that made it a little more stressful for the other guys. I just focused on learning the last two songs. 

Thursday night we slept over in Leiden so we could get practicing early Friday morning. We had quite the adventure. Everything was just going crazy. It was probably one of the craziest days of my life. We did Yoga in the morning in suits... mark that off the bucket list, Elder Hunter ripped his pants, two hours before we had to leave for the performance... so we had to get a member to repair them. Just a crazy day. 

The performance went pretty well all factors considered. The JOVO´s (Young Single Adults) loved it. I got to see some of the JOVO´s from Antwerpen, which was pretty cool. 

The concert went really well. I was happy with it. 

President and Sister Bunnell came as well, and we had dinner with them afterwards. They are just the sweetest people on Earth. I love em!

The drive home was insane. Elder Hunter and I went crazy. We just reminisced about the MTC and were having a great time. We got home pretty late, around 2 AM. X( 

Saturday we went to the baptism of one of the Schiedam Elder's investigators. Awesome! Sorry my thoughts are going very random right now haha. 

Weeeelll I'm excited to be going to Delft, it's a really cool city. I will be in the Den Haag ward, though I won't be there much. This Sunday we start traveling, our first stop is Arnhem. If any of you have heard of A Bridge Too Far, that's in Arnhem. :) 

Yerp. Elder Shaw and I are sad that we aren't companions anymore, but we will see each other 4 days a week...  Being a Singing Elder is weird. 

Anyway, I didn't take a lot of pictures this week, mostly because we were so busy. I will try to get more for next week. The computer is having trouble uploading them today, so I don´t know if I can send any home. 

Tuesday we get 30 new greenies. The entire mission is being Rebooted. Half of the areas are being whitewashed. I don´t think there is a single person not getting transferred. I´ll miss Rotterdam, but I am happy to move on as well. Five cities in eight transfers, and eight for eight on companions. Funny to think that in six weeks I will be halfway done. Pretty crazy!

I wanted to talk more about the full missionary thing next week. I am pretty tired. I got some interesting responses, so I want to address them, but I have no zin (ambition or desire)right now. Sorry this email is so weird. Elder Shaw and I are just exhausted from this past week. 

Now I´m just rambling, so I will be quiet. 


Elder Müller 

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