Monday, February 1, 2016

Drink the Magic Elixir!

Good-byes before transfers on January 27, 2016

Good-byes before transfers on January 27, 2016

Dames en Heren, goedemiddag. Dit is de Sprinter naar de W/C. Hou je vast tijdens de rit. (Ladies and Gentlmen, Good Afternoon. This is the Express Train to the bathroom. Hold on tight during the ride!....I guess Elder Muller is lucky I can translate his Dutch!!)

Yep. I don't have much to tell you this week. It was a pretty rough. One morning, at around 4 AM, I woke up and wasn't feeling good. I realized that I was about to hurl. So I jumped out of bed, barely made it, and puked my guts out. And that about describes the next three days as well. It's been a rough week.

So I don't really have too much to talk about. Most of the time I was in bed, asleep, or in the bathroom throwing up. My poor companion had to stay inside for almost three days. Not fun. We had the (brand new) district leader come over to help give me a blessing, and get Elder Foltz out of the apartment for awhile. They were able to give away a Book of Mormon in Urdu, so that was cool.

Thankfully, I was not alone in this trial. Elder Clukey got the same thing. We aren't sure how, because we hadn't been with each other at all for the days leading up to it, but we both got sick at the same time.

I did learn something though, and I shared it with Elder Clukey as well. As I was in the bathroom "taking care of business" in the depths of pain and in between staggered heaves and breaths, I remembered that Jesus knows how I feel.  Maybe that sounds strange, or a little bit silly, but it's true! He knew how I felt in that moment. It was very comforting. Then I passed out.

Maar goed, (So, good,) thankfully I am better now, and we had a really good end of the week to make up for the rough middle. Saturday we just went ham. We did a service project for a member in Delft, G---, who then came to church with us the next day. We helped paint one of the walls in her new apartment. Service projects are great. :)

Afterwards we ran home, got changed and went and visited C--- who wasn't feeling that well. To cheer him up, I made him a sandwich and we just talked about life. I have a lot of respect for him. For someone so young, he's gone through a lot, but overcome it all.

We had just enough time after C--- to grab a Broodje Doner (3 euro 50) (Turkish style sandwich), jump on our bikes, and head over to V---. We brought a coat back that we had borrowed for Elder Foltz, and had a short gesprekje. (talk or visit)

Sunday went pretty well.  We had three less actives in church, so that was pretty cool. We also had a pretty delicious dinner appointment with a family in Den Haag. They travel a lot, and have picked up a lot of cooking skills. We had a spicy shrimp soup, and a pumpkin curry (like a real Thai curry). IT WAS SO GOOD! The only rough part was that the pumpkin curry was so spicy that I could not eat it. Because of what happened earlier in the week, I had a bunch of sores on my tongue. The curry was really spicy by itself, but add sores on to that? I couldn't handle it. It was super delicious though.

Well sorry there isn't much more to tell. I'm feeling much better now, dus wees niet bevreesd Dochters Zions. Hopefully this week will be better. :) (Do not be afraid, or do not worry, daughters of Zion!)

Love you guys!

Elder Muller

Elder Muller and Elder Bruneau (with Elder Clukey peaking from the back!)

Sister Huber and Elder Muller

Sister Huber and Elder Muller

Elder Steenblik and Elder Muller

Having fun on a bus!

More fun on the bus!

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