Monday, January 4, 2016

Like it's pretty and all, but something inside is just screamin RUN! FIND A SHOPPING MALL!

Subject line:  One last Elder Conatti quote. Elder Shaw and I were talking last night and he shared it with me!

Happy New Year everyone! We survived!!

I can't believe that it's already 2016. I just spent an entire year on my mission. 8 months to go. That's not much.

So, this week. Not a whole lot to talk about. It was both a really good week, but also tough at the same time. Good, in that it was a lot of fun! We got to work with other missionaries a lot, and we just had a good time. The work was a bit harder this week. Most everyone was busy, and we had a lot of things just get in our way.

Maar goed, (But good), here is a rundown of my week.

Monday: We had a district P-Day in Zoetermeer playing board games. It was a bunch of fun. That night, we had a lesson over the phone with our investigator M--- almost completely about baptism. It was pretty dang cool. He pretty much was trying to get me to convince him that he shouldn't be baptized. Of course that didn't work haha. ;)

Tuesday: District Meeting. We had two lessons planned but they both fell through. BUT we did manage to get in contact with two referrals, and one let us in, and we had a short lesson with her. That was cool.

Wednesday: Elder Clukey and I were on exchanges together. It was so much fun. I love that kid a lot. He's one of those guys where we just hit it off right off the bat. We looked up our investigator, E---, and made an appointment with her. We had a really deep lesson with C---, where he opened up to us a lot about his concerns about baptism. Really good, the Spirit was just amazing. We did some more look-ups and made some more appointments, and then got trapped by some kids throwing firecrackers off of the apartment balcony. They were landing right by where our bikes were parked, so we had to wait for a pause, run, unlock the bikes, and book it before they could light another one. Sketch man.

After dinner we taught M---. Interesting lesson. That's all I'll say.
Then, we had bro talk. One of the best parts of exchanges is the bro talk at the end of the day. It just is great. You pretty much share an abridged life story, talk about things that are on your mind, vent about things, and share funny stories. It's great.

Thursday: New Years Eve. We did some contacting, but we had to be inside by 4 pm. While we were inside, we made goals, ate pizza, chilled, and watched old church movies. It was fun. We had a great view of fireworks from our apartment. I made some videos, but I don't know if I can upload all of them. People were going nuts outside our apartment, drunk Dutch girls two apartments down singing and being loud, our neighbor above us throwing firecrackers off the roof, and almost killing a Chinese girl on her bike below. It was nuts. I think it was the closest you can get to being in a war zone, without being in a war zone. It was kind of scary.

Friday: The Aftermath. The entire city was just dead. The parties went the whole night long, so nobody was excited to see us on the door the next morning. I was on exchanges again, but with the District Leader Elder Tolman. It was also a good exchange. We bonded a lot.

Saturday: We had correlation, and then went to a service project to help refugees ( I don't know if it's new in America, but there are a LOT of refugees here....). It was fun, we mostly just played sports and games with them, as well as taught them Dutch and English, while they taught us Arabic. Pretty cool.

That was my week. New Years was nuts, two great exchanges, but that's pretty much it. This next week is going to be awesome though. We have 2-3 appointments almost every day already, so I'm excited. We're gonna go ham!

I hope you all had a happy New Year! Enjoy whatever is going on in America! 

Love ya!

Elder Muller

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