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Bribery Always Works! (Merry Christmas!)

  Merry Christmas from Delft!!

A manger scene made by Elder Muller's sister, Alyssa! She drew all the figures and numbered them for the day he was to add them to the picture! The manger backdrop was made out of a cardboard box so it would stand!

Merry Christmas from Elder Muller and Elder Foltz!! (in their pj's!)
Hey everyone! 

It has been an awesome week here in the Netherlands, and specifically, in Delft. I had a marvelous Christmas, and just a really good week.

So, here we go! First cool experience... 

Elder Foltz and I have found a new method of contacting that brings amazing results. A little back ground first. 

We had a semi-kinda of goal to get rid of as many of the "de Heiland is Geboren" cards ("The Savior is Born" pass along cards with the website of the new Christmas video.) as we could. In fact, we wanted to pass out all of them before Christmas was over. 

Here is a link to the video:

I have also received a lot of candy in the past couple weeks; way more than I can eat or should eat haha. So we decided to tape some pieces of candy on to the cards that we still had left (around 70 cards) and try to pass them out Christmas Eve, Christmas, and 2e Kerst. (2nd Christmas - celebrated the day after Christmas!) We didn't have any time on Christmas Eve with appointments that we had, but on Christmas we had about an hour and a half between appointments where we were just in Delft. So we went contacting! I filled a stocking with cards and candy, and Elder Foltz filled a Santa hat. We both put on Santa Hats and walked around the centrum (center of town) giving away cards. 

We gave away all 70ish of those cards in an hour and half! It was incredible! I've never given away that many cards that fast. People were also willing to stop and talk for a little bit about Christmas. It was such a cool miracle, and it really just made me feel the Spirit of Christmas even more so. I love being a missionary haha :) 

A quick rundown of the Christmas festivities. 

Christmas Eve: We had a lesson with a less active named V--. He was baptized just about 3 years ago, and only recently went less active. He is one of the coolest guys I have ever met. We taught him and his roommate, who was also really awesome. 

That night, we went caroling with the Sisters, and some older members of the ward. We visited less actives, and investigators, shared a short message, and sang for them. Brought me back to the Singing Elder days haha. 

When we got home, we opened presents, and drank hot chocolate and apple cider. And took our Christmas photo ;) 

Christmas Day: Woke up, opened more presents, and went to church for the Christmas Service. After that we came home, went contacting (see above story) and went to our dinner appointment to Skype. 

Christmas dinner with Family Brinkers

Elder Clukey and Elder Muller at Christmas Dinner

2e Kerst: (2nd Christmas) We had breakfast met zin 8 (with 8 missionaries) at the Family Scherf. The Zone Leaders and other Elders had a service project in a refugee camp, but my companion and I and the Sisters were not invited. (It's ok, we aren't bitter haha) We four didn't want to go knocking doors all day (especially on 2e Kerst, people would get angry) so we decided to go caroling again. It was a lot of fun, and we saw a lot of success. We got Ollie bollen as well (a very typical Dutch Christmas treat). We helped them teach a semi creepy guy who had asked to meet with them (one of the little known responsibilities of the Elders is to back the Sisters up if they have to meet with creepy people). Then we went back to Delft for our dinner appointment with Daan and Emma, two of my favorite people in the world. 

Ollie bollen!!

We had Gourmet (another very typical Dutch thing) with them, and Family Kleiweg, another young family. It was such a good evening. I love them so much, I think because they love each other so much, and you can see it. They are just amazing examples for us young missionaries. 

2e Kerst with Families Peschier and Kleiweg 

Well I'm out of time.  I hope that you all have a happy new year!  I love you all! 

Love you all! 

Elder Muller

I'm including many more pictures from the last few weeks. Elder Muller was able to finally send pictures again!!

Elder Foltz calling in the daily report for the first time!

Elder Foltz, Elder Muller's "Greenie"! (His son in the mission!)

Elder Foltz tired and weary! The life of a missionary!

The following are all from December 16th transfers:
The Den Haag District before transfers: Several of the Sisters and Elders were sent to other cities on the 16th of December
Elder Evans, Sister Mashburn, and Elder Bonner

Sister Huber


Elder Steenblik

Sister Mashburn

Sister Doxey

Sister Mashburn and Elder Tolman photobombing!

Sister Maughaun
Elder Shaw
Elder Childs! Elder Muller's Dad in the field! His first trainer in Brugge, Belgium. Elder Childs was returning home with honor after serving 24 months!

Three Generations: Elder Childs, Elder Muller and Elder Foltz. Elder Childs was able to see his "grandson", Elder Foltz!

Good-bye, Elder Childs! (Elder Childs had an important and huge impact on Elder Muller. That's what a trainer (father) can do!! And now a year later, Elder Muller is a father!

Elder Muller and "his" Yaris!

It was a sad day for Elder Muller. He had to say good-bye to "his" Yaris! No more Singing Elders means no more mission-wide travel, which means no more car! :(


Wonder what they are looking at!

Desperately trying for a good group selfie!

Elder Foltz
Elder Hunter with Family Brinkers. He is the Bishop of the Den Haag Ward.
This is NOT a look of happiness! This a look of utter PAIN!

Posters everywhere taunting Elder Muller! NO SPOILERS! He cannot see it until he returns home in the fall of 2016!!

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