Monday, January 5, 2015

Week 15: 30 pounds of bread?

What up folks! I have no time because of things that happened, and if I go over we miss the last bus and have to walk for an hour home.

That being said. Nothing much happened this week. It was Elder Hunt's birthday on the 31st (New Years Eve) and because Belgian/Dutch people get crazy that day, we had to be inside our apartments by 4:00. Made for a long day. We had fun though. Played some games, and ate some lekker kip aan 't spit. 

This week we had a mini miracle. Last night we decided to look up a potential that me and  Elder Childs had found, and who we've tried to contact a couple times before with no luck. Well tonight she was home, and she accepted the Book of Mormon and made a return appointment for next week! It was super cool, because this is the first person in the nine weeks I've been in Brugge, whom we've contacted on the street and actually gotten an appointment with. What makes it even better is that she was someone I contacted. :) (Contacting means that we approached them, and began talking about something. In her case, the family and how cool it is.) We really needed that because the work here is pretty tough. We mostly knock doors all day, and don't normally see a lot of results. Really gave me the boost I needed to get my head back in the game. 

We had a fun P-Day today. We took some Elders around Brugge, and then we went to the beach with them and the Gent missionaries. Pretty fun. 

I'm going on exchanges with Elder Lyman, my Zone Leader, we have a lot in common, so it's going to be fun. (one word. Linux) 

Well that is about it. I'm out of time. I need to go grab a bus before it's too late. 

Tot volgende week

Elder Muller

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