Monday, May 2, 2016

I like men more than women. They are easier.

Companionship Swag! Elders Muller and Isaksen

Companions, Elder Muller and Elder Isaksen

Timmy the Hedgehog! Elders Muller and Isaksen

That's a quote from Elder Isaksen. If I give you the context it won't be funny. 

Hey everyone! I'm still in Den Haag. Yep, they will never get rid of me. 

So this has been an exhausting week, honestly. So much happened, transfers, Koningsdag, lots of meetings, and somehow we still managed to cram a ton of lessons in there. I'm so tired. I am going to be worn out by the time I get done here. That's kind of the goal actually.

So I don't have very many "crazy" stories to talk about this week. We have  just been teaching non stop. It's actually quite the nice break from the norm. We've received a couple member referrals this week, so we are really excited to be teaching them. We also found some people on our own, which is just as satisfying. 

Our focus for the past couple weeks, and the next month has been on getting members to all of our lessons. It's really awesome to see how when we try our hardest, prepare, and do our best to execute, the Lord blesses us with the success we ask for. 

Something else that Elder Isaksen and I have been doing is talking about happiness and success. These have been our topics of discussion for the past three or so weeks. We've learned a lot from studying, talking between ourselves, and talking to members about it. We've come to the conclusion that we are taking control of our lives, of our destinies, and that we are going to become the people that we want to be, not what the world wants. It all comes back to a principle that President Robinson constantly tried to just get into our heads. We as people, as children of God, as free agents, need to be 100% accountable for 100% of the results in our lives, 100% of the time. When we truly understand that principle, we take control of our destinies. We stop living someone else's dream, and start making our own come true. That's what I'm learning how to do on my mission. Make my future dreams come true. And although that might sound cheesy, I know it's true. 

Love you guys, and I'll talk to you on Sunday! :) 

Elder Muller 

Sunday is Mother's Day! It is one of the two days a year missionaries get to call/Skype home! The best Mother's Day present ever!

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