Monday, May 16, 2016


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Hey everyone! 

I feel like I write the same intro every week. Oh well. 

So not much to write about this week. We had a bit of a slow week. A lot of our appointments fell through. Oh well. Vacation happens. 

To start off the week, we visited M--- in Delft for his birthday. We had a small pizza party. It was good catching up with him after a couple months of not seeing him. 

Wednesday we had exchanges with the Haarlem Elders. I was with my boy, Elder Leishman for the day. We had a pretty long day of look ups and finding, so at the end of the day we decided to reward ourselves with some Italian ice. As we were enjoying our ice cream, a guy ran up to us yelling hello. Turns out he was a less active member who just moved to Den Haag a couple of months ago. Talk about an inspired thought to go get ice cream. The Lord works in mysterious ways. 

Friday we had another exchange with the Den Haag Elders. I was with Elder Davison. We taught some good lessons, and we also ended up getting ice cream but this time from the Sisters. 

Saturday we organized football for the ward, so we had a big football match Saturday morning. It was fun, got a potential investigator out of it, so we are going to start doing that weekly. The rest of the day we planned for Zone Training this week. It's going to be a good one. We are basing the entire training on Alma 26:22. There is so much good stuff in that verse. I'll talk more about that next week hopefully. 

Another cool miracle that happened this week was M---. We got a referral that said, "get in contact as soon as possible NOT Lamb of God (the normal referral program that we are running with DVDs) Baptism." We liked the sound of that, so we went over and she let us right in. She is from Brazil, and her cousin referred her to us. Looks like we'll be taking some of Brazil's baptisms ;) Just kidding, it's not a competition. 

Cool that was it for this week. Go study Alma 26:22 and get ready to have your mind blown next week. :)

Love ya!

Elder Muller

Here is a link to the scripture Elder Muller is mentioning:

M---, Elder Muller's friend from Delft

Elders Leishman and Muller

Elders Muller and Isaksen

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