Monday, April 18, 2016


Hey everyone! 

It is Monday again in the Turkish internet shop in Den Haag. Once again there are problems with the computer, so it won't let me connect my camera.... I will try to upload some pictures at District Meeting tomorrow

Maar goed. (But good.)  It has been a topsy turvy week here. Just a lot of strange things happened. Today has been nice though. We just came from a Yoga class in Zoetermeer, so we be feeling nice and relaxed. :)

First and foremost, last week was Temple Conference/Keukenhof. It met all of my expectations. :) I really wanted to make this time special because this is the last Temple Conference I will have before I go home... which reminds me of just how little time I have left.... O_o 

The temple was a testimony building experience. The Spirit there is undeniable. In some ways, I am grateful that we only get to go every six months. It makes you appreciate it all that much more. 

Keukenhof was a blast. I took about 141 pictures or something like that, so enjoy what I can send today. (The Keukenhof is an amazing garden that is filled with tulips. Here is a link to see more:

The rest of the week was just super hardcore missionary work. We went ham, and it felt great. On Wednesday we went on splits. (We call it Operation: Divide and Conquer!  After a dinner appointment, we go on splits with the members so we can teach two lessons at the same time :) )  (Going on splits means that the two Elders split up and go with a different Elder then their companion. In this case, the Elders split up and went with members to go out and teach, thus giving them the chance to teach two appointments that night.)

I went with President Scheltinga (the Stake President). He is a man that I admire a lot. He has taught me a lot in my time here in Den Haag. With that in mind, I was pretty nervous to be teaching with him. We taught a man and his soon-to-be wife the first lesson. It was a great lesson, and I see a lot of potential in both of them. I see them in white ;) 

So I can't think of too much more to write about this week. We just did normal missionary stuff; finding, teaching, baptizing-you know, normal stuff. :) Oh a good goal that Elder Isaksen and I have made is to go outside of our comfort zone at least once a day. Now as a missionary you learn to just live outside of your comfort zone, but we want to push ourselves a bit further. Most of the time they end in some funny stories of me chasing someone down the street just to give someone a card. It is fun though. 

Well I hope you all have a great week, oh and before I forget, HAPPY BIRTHDAY, HILLARY! You married woman, you! (Hillary is Elder Muller's sister! She got married last August, and Elder Muller was unable to be there since he is serving a mission. I think he still has a hard time visualizing his sister being married!!) 

Oh, and congrats to Cole and Alyssa... I'm sad that you couldn't wait another three months for me to get home, but at the same time, I understand.:) (Cole is one of Elder Muller's companions during his mission, and he is getting married!)

Love you guys!

Elder Muller 

(FNØØH!!! is Norwegian. It doesn't mean anything. It is just a sound they make) 

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