Monday, December 14, 2015

Wees gewoon blij! (Just be happy!)

Rehearsals with professional violinist
Elder Shaw looking like he is not sure what Elder Muller is singing!!
Rehearsals before the Christmas Concert
After the Christmas Concert with Lill Stigter
Letting off a little steam!
Elder Shaw!! I think his facial expressions are hilarious!!

Hey everybody! 

Dang, it feels like it's been a looong time since I've emailed. It's been one of those weeks.

I don't want to get too much into what all happened this week leading up to the Christmas concert, mostly because it was all just craziness, but I do want to share an important lesson that I learned, and then discuss some other stuff.

First, transfer news! I will be staying in Delft! I am the only one of the Singing Elders who is not moving. Elder Hunter is going to my baby city of Brugge, Belgium. Elder Conatti is going to Sint Niklaas (also in Belgium) and Elder Shaw is going to Den Bosch, Netherlands. I don't know who my new companion is yet, because he's on an airplane right now!!! I'm training!!! Whooo! I'm really excited. I feel like it's exactly what I need right now on my mission. Being a trainer is going to make me stay on my A game. No slacking off or taking a break after the project, just full steam ahead. I'm so pumped to be able to learn and grow with my son! Another tender mercy, Elder Childs, my father, goes home on Wednesday, so he will live just long enough to see his grandson arrive. :)*

So yes, I will be spending Christmas in Delft. I'm happy with that. It's a great area. We have a lot of people that we are working with, and the members here are my favorite. Delft itself is also just gorgeous, so that's nice.

Cool beans, well on to what I wanted to talk about. Wees gewoon blij! (Just be happy!) That is the lesson I learned this week.  We hear all the time that happiness is a choice, but I learned that for myself this week. This past week was one of the most stressful weeks of my life, trying to prepare for the Christmas concert, as well as dealing with all the problems and issues that popped up (Nothing ever can go smoothly). However I learned that even if you feel that there is no way out, and that you can't possibly overcome something, if you feel like giving up, you can still choose to be and stay happy. It helps a lot! It can be really hard, especially if no one else around you is "happy", but you can always choose how you react to a situation. I learned that it's just easier to be happy than to be stressed. As long as you give everything you can to whatever you're facing and ask for help from the Lord, you don't have to worry, because you know that you did everything you could. There is no point in stressing about things that are beyond your control.

So that's what I learned this week.

The Christmas concert was amazing. It was a roller coaster for all of us, but we all made it through and everyone loved it. Last night we sang together for the last time as the Singing Elders, so that was emotional. I'm ready to move on though. I loved this project, but I feel like I can continue to learn and grow in new ways these next few transfers. After this, I have 5 transfers left. The Sisters from my group go home in 12 weeks. De tijd is zeer kort. (The time is really short.) President told me that he expects me to give my everything. That's what I'm planning on doing. Watch out Delft. Muller and greenie Elder are coming, and we now have 7 days a week to preach the gospel in your city limits. Brace yourself!

Love you guys!

Elder Muller

PS: This computer won't let me upload pictures so I'll try to do it at the church later if I have time.

Love you guys!

*So just to remind everyone what all this missionary speak is about! Elder Muller will be training a "greenie"! That means a missionary coming into the mission field from the Missionary Training Center! Just like Elder Muller did last October when he started serving in Brugge, Belgium. This means that Elder Muller is now becoming a Dad!! And Elder Muller's trainer, Elder Childs, is now a Grandfather!! Elder Childs is returning home with honor after serving his 24 month mission! He will get to see his grandson at transfers as the new missionaries come in, and the missionaries leaving for home depart!

(I'm uploading pictures from a member that was at the concert since Elder Muller couldn't send any!)

Real professionals...warming their voices with some herbal tea!

Elder Muller & Elder Shaw!

Sound system has arrived!

Savior of Israel (In Dutch)
Sound system being installed

Helping set up for dinner
Organizing the music
Looking like professionals!
Setting up the stand where they will perform
Taking time to open a gift from home!

Sound equipment ready on the piano

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