Monday, October 5, 2015

Calm down, it's not like I touched your butt!

*quick side note* this computer keeps trying to auto-correct things into a different language, not English or Dutch... like Turkish or something. So sorry if a word is spelled weird. I've been trying to fix it when I notice it happen...

Oh Elder Conatti, the things that he says... I think that one is funnier out of context. Let me just assure that it was totally appropriate haha.

This week, oh this week. I've eaten more food this week than in a loooong time. Really good food as well. It started on Tuesday. Ethlyn, a recent convert (also a chef) made us a fancy dinner for our last night together before transfers. I took pictures :). We started off with crab, then a raw salmon appetizer, soup (fish broth), smoked salmon, and ice cream with homemade chocolate sauce for dessert. IT WAS SO DELICIOUS!

(See more pictures of this amazing dinner at the end of the letter!)

Wednesday we had a lunch appointment with this sweet 94 year old Surinamese lady. She made Roti, which is a mission legend. Roti is a kind of bread that you eat with a chicken potato stew. The first bite I took, I about passed out it was so good. Hands down the best tasting meal I've had in my life. I couldn't get enough haha.

So then on Thursday we started working in Breda. Every day from Thursday to Saturday we had two lunch appointments and a dinner appointment. And pretty much every lunch appointment was back to back with the next one. Other people just randomly gave us food as well. We were very well fed this week.

Cool, now for more stuff and stuff. We got to watch conference this week, and it was awesome! I learned so much, as I always do. We watched the Saturday morning session in Breda with a family, and the rest (except for the last one, still haven't seen it) in Den Haag.

I noticed that there were a lot of talks on faith and doubt. It was perfect, because that is what one of our investigators has been struggling a lot with.

I also really enjoyed President Eyring's talk in the Priesthood session. Elder Hunter and I were talking about it this morning, and how his explanation of the power of Grace is just incredible. I would encourage all of you to study that one. You might need to look through the lines a bit, but the entire talk is about the enabling power of the Atonement.

Here is a link to the talk Elder Muller is referring to:

Cool. I would also like to share something that has started to become very dear to my heart, an album that we listen to a lot on the road. Lamb of God by Rob Gardner. It's the story of the last few days of Christ's life through music and spoken word. (You can also find it on Spotify I believe)

The music is incredible, and it brings the Spirit like nothing else. It will increase your testimony of the Savior and what He did for you. My commitment for this week? Go read Isaiah 53, and then listen to Lamb of God by Rob Gardner. It will change you if you let it.

Here's a preview if you would like to test it out -

Awesome, Jaedyn! I hope you had a happy birthday! I can't believe that you are 11! I had it written in my planner, so I remembered, but I didn't see it until this week!

That's it for this week, love you guys!

Elder Muller

The Dinner!!

Fish Soup

Raw salmon salad

Smoked salmon with mashed carrots, caviar, legumes and something else!

Ice cream and home made chocolate sauce

Crab with a coconut shake

They look like twins! Elders Hunter & Strikwerda

Elder Lee is going home to Singapore!

This Sister is going to Amsterdam

Elder Muller's planner - made by the Sisters!

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