Monday, September 28, 2015

The Streak is Broken!!!

Don't you just love how that crown looks on his head!!

What can I get you?

He doesn't make a bad looking bartender now, does he?! :)

Hello Everyone!!

That's right, it only took more than half my mission, but finally I'm not getting transferred, or getting a new companion. I'm staying in Delft with Elder Hunter, and, assuming he doesn't go home, I will stay with him.

Well there isn't a crazy bunch to talk about this week, but I'll do my best.

We had Zone Training on Thursday, and it was amazing. It was exactly what I needed to hear and learn. The training sessions given by the Zone Leaders and Sister Mashburn (Sister Training Leader) were just right on the spot of what I needed. They talked a lot about companionship unity as well as teaching skills. To improve our teaching skills, part of that was role playing with members! It was the first time I have done that, and it was soooo good. It made it feel a lot more real, and you really had to perform. They are members, and you are role playing teaching an investigator. It was awesome!

We also made an "I'm a Mormon" video for our Zone. I got a copy of it. By the way, it is me playing the piano at the beginning, but they cut out the video of me playing it... That's why I'm awkwardly just sitting there when it goes to my part.

We were able to visit a lot of members in Eindhoven as well this week. We got to meet some of the Eindhoven investigators as well as a lot of less actives. We had a really good experience with a family from Australia (and the Netherlands) whose daughter passed away a year ago. They day before we visited them was her birthday, so they all went to the temple together. It was a powerful visit discussing the Plan of Salvation with them. It gave me a lot of strength to see their strength. There were only tears of happiness, none of sorrow. They understood that they will be able to see their daughter again. So they aren't worried.

To learn more about the Plan of Salvation and how one family is able to keep an eternal perspective after a great loss, please watch this video:

The Plan of Salvation is so beautiful. It gives everyone a chance to receive the Gospel of Jesus Christ and follow Him. It also gives us comfort that we can be with our families forever. One of the songs that we sing for members is "I am a Child of God". Maybe you have heard of it? But it's a song that teaches us the Plan of Salvation very simply and powerfully. In the song, one of the lines says "Teach me all that I most do to live with Him someday."

In D+C 14:7 it says:
Doctrine & Covenants 14:7 And, if you keep my commandments and endure to the end you shall have eternal life, which gift is the greatest of all the gifts of God.

It is that simple. That's the funny thing about the Gospel. It's soooo simple, BUT SO HARD sometimes.

To enjoy a short video of the song "I Am A Child of God", please watch this video:

Well that didn't go where I expected. But I need to respond to some personal emails, so that will be it this week.

We went to Parliament today, got some lekker (great) pictures. I got to sit in the chair of the Prime Minister of the Netherlands. Who gets to do that on their mission? Not many people.

Awesome.. Love you guys! Keep it secret... keep it safe...

Elder Muller

More pictures from the outing to the Parliament in Den Haag (The Hague)

The "Bezoeker" sticker means "Visitor"

Hmm, wonder where that shelf of books went?

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