Monday, August 8, 2016

2 - Forever 21?

Artsy photo in Delft

Beautiful Delft

Hey everybody! Thank you for all the birthday wishes! I figured I can just thank you all in person in a couple weeks... Hope that's alright. :) 

So what happened this week? Well it was a slow/fast week for us. A lot of people we normally work with are still on vacation, or are sick. -__- You know what that means! Lots of door knocking! And that's what we did. It's good to refresh your teaching pool a bit as well. 

We had interviews with President this week as well. Mine was pretty weird, I mean there isn't much  to say... I go home in about two weeks. He just told me to keep working hard. :| 

I had two exchanges this week. One with Elder Davison on my birthday, and one with Elder Stanger on Thursday. They were both pretty fun. 

My birthday was pretty eventful. In the morning the Den Haag Elders came and attacked our car. You can see the aftermath in the pictures. The ward did something really cool for me as well. They bought a t-shirt and all signed it during church. It's going to be a pretty cool memory. 

This past Saturday we did service for (Brother) Broeder Van Basten. He's an older brother in the ward, and we helped clean up his achtertuin (back yard). It was a lot of fun. He's just the sweetest guy you've ever met. He made us lunch, and we talked about his experiences growing up in the Second World War. He's experienced some pretty crazy stuff. I'm thankful that I had the opportunity to talk to him and learn more about it though. 

Our investigator, M----, should be getting baptized soon. The date is the 20th of August, so right before I leave! 0.o I look forward to writing about that in my final email. :) 

One last thing, "de boodschap" (message) for today. Alma 47. Go read it. It's the story of Lehonti. Don't come off your mountain, and if you do, get back up as quickly as you can. 

Love you bye. 

Elder Muller 

There are many pictures this week of what looks like a village of miniature replicas of places in the Netherlands. Elder Muller did not mention what the name of this place was, but sent many pictures! Enjoy!

This is a replica of a store where Elder Muller has purchased many clothes!


The yellow parasols have the name of Elder Muller's favorite drink - Chocomelk

The Red Light District of Amsterdam, thus the face!

Elder Muller lived close to this building in Rotterdam

Schipol Airport!  Just a couple of weeks!

Beautiful Delft

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