Tuesday, June 28, 2016

I needed a CAT scan!

Monday, June 27, 2016

Hey guys, before you ask, I'm fine. That's just a quote from another Elder that I heard this week. We asked him how he had been doing in a certain area with a certain companion, and his response was. "Guys, I had to get a CAT scan I was so stressed" I love that kid. Anyway. 

This will be a short email, because I don't have a lot of time. 

What happened this week. We taught people. Like A TON of people. Like more than I ever have before. I'm really tired. But that's okay, right? The work is moving forward. 

Adventures from this week:

Filipino birthday party. It was amazing. Enjoy the pictures! 

Ward BBQ. It was really fun. We had a lot of investigators/non members/less actives there, so it was very successful. It was also just really fun. 

Zone Conference. I had to give my dying testimony. That was really strange. I'm not ready to die yet. :'( 

I received a really nice quote this week which sums up my feelings on the matter. "I'm just a nobody telling everybody about Somebody who can save anybody." 

That's pretty much who we are as missionaries. Just random kids from random places who somehow have enough power and authority to help people come unto Christ. Pretty dang amazing if you ask me. It was quite the humbling week for me. I saw a lot of changes in my investigators, and I learned a lot about my purpose while teaching them. I love the work, I love the area, and thank goodness I don't have to go home yet. :) 

Love you guys! 

Love you bye.

Elder Muller 

P.S. Jeremy, I didn't wish you a happy birthday because it is not possible for you to be 18 already. Go on a mission. Love you bye. 

Hmmm, wonder what that is that he is eating!

More purple food!


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