Monday, June 20, 2016

Get Saturated

Hey everyone, 

It has been another wet week in the Netherlands. It's funny, they say that summer is supposed to be starting soon. Here it's just wet. So we're getting saturated :) 

Well, what should I talk about this week. I honestly don't have much to say. We had a week of missionary work. We taught a lot of lessons, we found new investigators, we went on exchanges. Normal missionary stuff. 

So instead, let's take a dive into Elder Muller's mind for a moment. Are you brave enough? It can get pretty scary haha. 

So the biggest things on my mind lately have been my relationship with Jesus Christ, and the fact that my time as a missionary is becoming shorter, and shorter, and shorter. Thankfully, these are both interconnected. 

Tomorrow I'm going to my last Zone Conference on the mission. I get to give my "dying" testimony to the missionaries in the Den Haag and Amsterdam Zones. If that doesn't get you thinking about your relationship with the Savior and what you've done on your mission, then I don't know what will haha. 

As I've been pondering what I will share tomorrow, I've been focusing on how my conversion has changed these past two years. How I've gone from a greenie missionary, full of faith, energy, and enthusiasm, to a tired, worn out, happy, "old" man. (bear with me haha) It's been interesting to see how my focus has changed. When I started out in Brugge, I was focused on very tangible things. Now I'm much more introspective. I think a lot more, rather than focus on just working. I think a big shift of that came from missionary work becoming my life, rather than something that I was trying to "learn" how to do. The shift went from "What do I need do to be a good missionary?", to "What do I need to do to be a good disciple?"

I would invite all of you to do the same. Because if we are all good disciples of Christ, then we will all be good missionaries, or Primary teachers, or Bishops, or Gospel Doctrine Teachers, or whatever you are, whatever you want to be, and most importantly, whomever you want to be. Because that's why we do all these things in the church. It is to help us learn, grow, serve, and become more converted disciples. That is my focus, and that is the focus I will be sharing with the missionaries tomorrow. 

Have a great week everyone! 

I didn't take very many pictures this week! Sorry!

Love you, bye.

E. M. 

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