Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Trust your neighbor, but brand your own cattle!

Monday, June 15, 2015

Hello everyone. It´s been another crazy week here in Rotterdam. The work here is exploding, and we are just running from appointment to appointment. I love it! 

So this week we found/were given three new investigators. Two of them we found, the other walked into church... More about that later.
So we had Zone Conference this week in Apeldoorn. Our last one with President and Sister Robinson... :'( It was a very good Zone Conference though, so they ended on a good note. (This is Elder Muller's Mission President and his wife. Their three year mission of serving as the President of the Belgium/Netherlands Mission comes to an end at the end of June. The Mission will be assigned a new Presidency beginning July 1, 2015.)

Sister Robinson talked about the blessings of the temple, and what endowed members of the church are promised in Doctrine and Covenants Section 109. It was really powerful. 

Here is a link to the section Elder Muller is referring to:

President Robinson talked about personal accountability, 100% of the time. (the subject of my email is also a quote from him during the Conference... He's so funny :) ) He also took a trip down memory lane and talked about how the mission has changed, how it's improved, and what we as missionaries need to do to keep it moving in the right direction. I could tell it was bittersweet for them.
This week we also had exchanges with the District Leaders. Elder Shelton and I were here in Rotterdam, and we had quite the day. We had four lessons planned, and all four fell through. We did manage to get in with someone else though, his name is T---. He's  from South Africa. . He's a really cool guy, and we had a good lesson. 

That night on the way home, we got stopped by this really just wacko lady. She was telling us that everyone who is born is registered with the Vatican and we are all living 2D lives. Just really weird stuff. Here is a summary: The moon is artificial, vaccines are poison, so is drinking water, your name isn't real, we have to break free from money. Also the best anti-Mormon argument I've ever heard---- Did you know that the angel Moroni gave Joseph Smith the gold plates? Yep. Do you know what happens if you take away the i from Moroni... what do you get? Moron... yep we're all morons. (this is just a sarcastic rant btw)  Yeah, it was just a weird discussion. We had fun with her though, because she kept contradicting herself every 10 seconds. It was so dumb haha. Crazy people are crazy.

We had two cool miracles yesterday. One in Elders Quorum. 
(this is one of our three hour blocks of Sunday service where the men 18 and older meet in a class called Elde'rs Quorum, and women meet at the same time in a Relief Society meeting. The Relief Society is the largest woman's organization in the world. It is made up of all women in the Church 18 years and older.)  As the meeting started, man walked in and sat down next to me that I hadn't seen before. Turns out he is from Albania! A friend had told him about the Church and he was interested so he decided to come. He stayed all three hours, and we set up an appointment to teach him this week. Pretty cool. 

The second one happened last night when we were trying to look up a referral from some other missionaries. We had the address, but it was missing the apartment letter (ex. 125a). So we were in the process of awkwardly ringing every bell with 125 on it, asking if it was the guy, and then if it wasn't offering them a Book of Mormon. Such is the life of a missionary... always awkward. Anyway, we got through about four doorbells with a couple more to go (lot's of apartment 125's) when once again we did the awkward contact. This guy let us in though! He was like "Oh Mormonen... kom maar boven!"
(Oh, Mormons! Come on up!) and we were able to share a short message, and set up an appointment to teach the first lesson. Pretty cool! The Lord is blessing us a lot here.

(Elder Muller and his companion must have been in a high rise building with many different apartments with the number 125. They would have to ring all the doorbells on the bottom floor to gain access to come into the building!)

Well that's all for this week folks. Have a good week. And remember, when nothing goes right, go to bed.
Love ya!

Elder Müller

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