Monday, May 11, 2015

We Can't Party!!!!!!

Street party on Koningsdag!

Koningsdag Festivities

We Can't Party!!!!

Elder Pugh is so happy to see Elder Muller!!
May 4, 2015

Yeah so it's been a loooooooooong week. Lots happened so I'm going to try to cover the highlights.
So Koningsdag.... (Annual party in the Netherlands to celebrate the King!) It was pretty crazy. And we couldn't party. So Koningsdag is the biggest party of the year in Nederland. It's like a giant yard sale but on steroids add to that the fact that the Dutch have the best DJ's in the world, and there are street parties everywhere and you make for one very crazy, awesome, trunky day. We saw some miracles though. The whole day we pretty much walked around and tried to hand out copies of the Book of Mormon and cards. We had some cool contacts. 

Koningsdag Festivities
We got into a really cool conversation with some Muslims who were passing out the Koran for free. They asked if they could give us one, and we said of course! If we could give them a copy of the Book of Mormon. They accepted and we began to explain what it was. We ended up talking to them for about 30 minutes. More and more people started gathering around us and listening to what we were saying. We ended up giving out five copies of the Book of Mormon there. Pretty cool.
Later that day we decided we were going to go to the main party street where a lot of street parties were going on. We were walking down the street when this woman with a cup of beer complimented us on our ties (they were orange :) ). She looked closer and actually chased us down. She recognized the name tags and asked us for a Book of Mormon. Turns out she had wanted one for awhile but didn't know how to get in contact with the missionaries. #miracles! 

Check out those cool ties!

On Tuesday we had exchanges with the Zone Leaders, so I went to Rotterdam Zuid (South) for the day with Elder Strikwerda. It was a lot of fun. We taught two lessons and did some good contacting. That night he gave me a Henna tattoo on my back ha ha. I uploaded a picture. 

While I was in Zuid (South), Elders Paur and Torniainen taught our investigator Juscelina and set a baptismal date with her! She is going to get baptized in June! She is so excited. We saw her at church yesterday, and she is just so pumped, it's great! 
This weekend has been pretty crazy. We had Stake Conference and two members of the 70 came and spoke. Elder Boom from Holland and Elder Teixeira from Portugal. They came to reorganize the Stake Presidency. They both spoke about the importance of missionary work here in The Netherlands and what the Church is doing to help push it forward. I thought I would share some cool things that we learned.
So according to President, we are going to receive Ipads in July. President Teixeira spoke about how the Church is going to take this technology and help missionaries. Soon as soon as missionaries receive their mission call for a foreign language, they will begin to receive online tutoring through the Ipads before they even enter the MTC. When they reach the field they will continue to be tutored in the language... Pretty much, they will be the most prepared missionary force ever to reach the field. We will be using social media networks to share the Gospel. Our mission has been pioneering a Facebook referral program, the first of it's kind, that generates hundreds of referrals from people who are interested in learning more about Jesus Christ. Because of this they are now also able to track who is looking and ordering these referrals, and what might be a shock to many, the vast majority, about 70% volgens mij, (in my opinion) are from people ages 30 and younger. Missionary work cannot and will not be done the same way it has before. We live in a different world. Missionary work is going to change to help meet the needs and challenges of this new generation of people who are seeking the truth. It was pretty cool. 
So I'm out of time... I wasn't able to write everything I wanted to. We learned a lot more at this Stake Conference that I guess I will have to write about later. Sorry.
I hope you all have a great week!
Love you!
Elder Muller

Beautiful Rotterdam

Elder Muller's new bike!! (He doesn't care that it is a woman's bike...he got a great deal on it, and it is in excellent shape....that's all that matters to missionaries!)

So this little boat......
...Made this bridge open.....

....And all the traffic on the biggest bridge in Rotterdam stopped because of that one little boat!!

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