Wednesday, April 1, 2015

I look like a Turkish man....

Elder Child's holding a member's dog named Caeser! So cute! Shout out to my friends, Anne and Herman, the owners of this precious puppy!!
I hope my friend Anne Rigby does not get upset with me, but her artistic talent is amazing!!!  I will simply quote what Elder Muller said about this painting:  
  • The greatest painting ever made. The face of Elder Lyman in a penguin body. Penguins are the symbol of Linux. DNA is for bioinformatics, the field that Elder Lyman wants to go into.
Please check out her website at

Maybe Elder Muller will be lucky enough to receive such a prized possession!! Now I understand why he says he and Elder Lyman are like one in the same! Elder Muller is also a big Linux fan!

Elder Muller's most recent hair cut!

Another view! I am sure this picture was taken at the church building as they were emailing home! He is in his "civies" but still wearing his missionary name tag!

March 30, 2015

So this has been a very fast week, it feels like I just was sitting here emailing.
So, I look like a Turkish man. We just went and got hair cuts for temple conference next week, and well, they gave us European hair cuts. Even though we told them not to. So now my hair looks like what every Turkish guy here does, way short on the side and long on top. Thank goodness we have two weeks to grow it out. I guess hairdressers here just don't know what a missionary haircut looks like. Oh well.
So it's been a pretty fast week. Tuesday we went on exchanges with the Zone Leaders. I was with Elder Lyman, and we worked in the city of Lier most of the day. We looked up some people and knocked doors. Elder Lyman is very good on the door. He's just good at making conversation with random people. It's a real talent. When we were out there, we drove past this chicken place that totally ripped off Chick-fil-A. We stopped and took pictures of it so you could see. Middle of nowhere in Belgium.
On Wednesday we had exchanges with the District Leaders, I was with Elder Reynolds. We had a pretty good day. We taught Yury, our Russian investigator about prayer, and he prayed for us in Russian for the first time. It was really cool. President has taught us a certain way to teach people to pray. We walk them through the steps. First we address God, by saying "Dear Heavenly Father" or something like that. Then we thank Him for things. We then ask the person things they are grateful for. Next we can ask God for help, or for blessings we would like to receive. We then ask them what is something that God could help them with in their life. Then we close in the name of Jesus Christ. 

Pretty cool. We walked Yury through it, but he couldn't think of anything that he needed or was grateful for. He wants a new PS4, but he said he figured he shouldn't just ask God for that. Then he had a realization, he could ask God to help him find work, so that he could earn money to buy a PS4, and that's what he prayed for!

It's so cool when things just click in investigator's head. When they finally understand concepts. In this case, that if we want blessings, we need to do our part to work for them. God will help us, but He can't just give us things. Otherwise we don't learn.
Well that night we also had a really cool joint-teach (meaning they had a member with them helping them teach) lesson with a less active named Jen. We brought Michael Beogarts with us. He just got back from his mission a couple months ago. We talked about the Restoration, why it's important, and what we can learn from it. 
Thursday was Zone Training. President and Sister Robinson came. It was really good to see them again. The Zone Vision for this transfer is Receive the Holy Ghost, and we talked about ways to invite the Spirit into our lives, our investigators' lives, and into our teaching. It was really good.
Friday we had a cool lesson with Familie Alva. I think I talked about them last week as well. We now have a weekly appointment with them. We showed the Mormon Message "Origin". It was really cool. We talked about prayer and how to gain your own testimony of truth. 

Here is a link to the Mormon Message Elder Muller shared. This is one of my favorites!  

Saturday was fun. We had a met zin 6 dinner appointment with our ward mission leader. (They had dinner with the member in their ward whose assignment it is to be the Ward Mission Leader..He works with the missionaries and members in the ward to further missionary work. They had all six missionaries from the ward at the dinner! I am sure it was fun!)  It was pretty crazy. That's all I've got to say about that.
Yesterday was cool as well. It was Ward Conference, so a lot of Stake people were there. Other than that, nothing too crazy happened.

(Ward Conferences are held to sustain our local leaders that serve in our wards or congregations. Leaders from our Stake Leadership come to be part of these services. Our wards are made into stakes, similar to perhaps a Catholic Diocese. So our local stakes would have many different wards that make up that stake. For instance, here in Florida, we are members of the Veira 1st Ward, and our ward is part of the Cocoa Florida Stake. Our stake is made up of nine different wards. So our members who serve in Stake callings, travel around to these different wards to help teach, support and serve the members. Again, all of the work/service done in our wards and stakes is all voluntary. No one is paid for the services they render.  It is a unique aspect of our Church, and one that I love. It gives all of us opportunities to serve others, to learn new things and to grew in our testimony of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ.)
I'm out of time, but I hope you all have a good week. We have a killer week planned out, so hopefully everything goes through!
Love you all!
Elder Muller

So following are some pictures of the Chick-Fil-A situation mentioned in his email! Elder Muller sent these because his younger brother, Jeremy, is a Senior Team Member at Chick-Fil-A!!  I think an international incident has now been started as Jeremy has shared these photos with his franchise owner!!!  

A complete use of the Chick-fil-A logo! And they even add their website on the sign!!!!!!

Elder Muller's caption reads "Should we sue them?" He is on splits with Elder look at this picture of Elder Lyman and then look at the penguin picture above!!  Anne's portrait of him is spot-on!!

This is a "Chicken House" in Kempens that is using the Chick-fil-A! Check them out at !!

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