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Week 25: #NotAfraid

A letter from Mama that went to Canada! No wonder it took so long to arrive!
Elder Pugh Studying

Knocking a Hobbit Door?

Hello everyone,

I hope everything is going well, I don't have a lot of time, so I want to knock out this big email first. I apologize if I don't get to personal messages! 

So #NotAfraid is our district vision for the transfer. Not afraid in every aspect. Most if it has to do with having trust in God, and not being afraid to be bold in our message. 

So it's been a pretty long week, not much happened. A lot of appointments fell through, which is always frustrating. It was still a good week though. There is a new project in the mission called Project: A Wrinkle in Time. President has looked at how we work, and he decided that we needed to find ways to improve how we work. We have a new standard of excellence; 20 hours of proselyting time a week. That includes only the time we are actually actively contacting, or teaching. Sounds like it should be easy, but you really have to work for it.  Even though we didn't have a whole lot of lessons, we made 20 hours, so at least we worked hard! :) 

So, I went on two exchanges this week, both in Antwerpen. One with Elder Childs and one with Elder South, my new district leader. He's pretty cool. Something funny we figured out. We have a mutual friend--Connor Randall. They knew each other in Texas, and I was friends with Connor at BYU-I. Small world this mission. So Connor, if you read this, Ben South says hi. :) 

We did have a couple of cool lessons with some people. We watched the Restoration video with our Russian investigator, Yury. They have Russian as a spoken language on it, so it was really easy for him to understand it. It's pretty cool how you can feel the Spirit while watching the video, without understanding anything it was saying. (I don't speak Russian...) Shows how powerful the message is!

Something sad happened. A member of the ward died last week, so we went to the funeral. All the missionaries sang a hymn as a special musical number. It was kind of sad. The family members were able to bear powerful testimony of the Plan of Salvation, and how we will be with our families again. 

Today was pretty fun! We had a Zone P-Day. All the missionaries in Belgium came to Antwerpen, and we played voetbal. Our district is pretty awesome. Sister Young played Goalie at SVU (Southern Virginia University), so she's pretty good. Elder Pugh is also a beast, he had a hat trick! It's always a ton of fun to be with other missionaries!

Well I know this isn't much, but I really don't have a lot of time. We still have to go home and change for a lesson tonight. It's sad that it takes an hour to get home... oh well Antwerpen opportunities! (That's something we started saying to stay positive. It used to be bij voorbeeld (for example), "We don't have a car today because it's in for maintenance, Zone Leader problems"... NO! Zone Leader Opportunities! That probably doesn't make any sense, and I'm sure you're all confused... Oh well. :) ) (Elder Muller is saying that they are trying to turn unfortunate events into positive opportunities for missionary work! If the Zone Leader's car is in for maintenance, then they have a problem - they can't get to where they need to be. But that isn't really a problem! Now they have to walk or use public transportation which will give them OPPORTUNITIES to meet people and share the gospel!)

I would like to encourage all of you to go and read Alma 7. It's a great chapter, and we can learn a lot. I studied it a couple days ago.

Also Elder Pugh and I learned something interesting  this week. The word Atonement doesn't exist in Hebrew... atoning, atone etc does, but Atonement does not. It's an English word. If you put it into a Hebrew context, it translates into something like "wrapped in the arms of love" or "encircled in arms". So just remember that next time you read the Book of Mormon, and you see that, it means the Atonement!

Well that's pretty much it!

I hope you all have a good week!


Elder Müller

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