Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Week 12: A Bus, a Bus, My Kingdom for a Bus!

Since Elder Muller was not able to share any pictures this week, I thought I would start his letter by sharing a beautiful Christmas video. This was a live nativity play with 1,000 people! It is beautiful!

Click on this:

Angels We Have Heard On High


What a week! It's P-day again, so that means it's Monday, which means that apparently nobody in Belgium works today! That means no buses or trains. FUN! (There's another nationwide strike today)

But in all seriousness, it's been a great week. Tuesday was a really good day. We had district meeting, and it was our last one together as a district. Elders Goff and Childs got transferred, and Sister Johnson is now home. It was bittersweet. We talked a lot about what a successful missionary is, and how we can become more converted unto Christ. Really good. 

I have a new companion, Elder Hunt, and he's super cool. He's from Logan Utah but somehow he still manages to be a great missionary. ;) (We always tease missionaries who are from Utah! Just a family joke!)

Transfer day was pretty crazy. We didn't get much sleep the night before because Elder Childs had to pack, and we had to catch a train at 06.30 to get to Antwerpen on time. We both totally zonked out on the train, so at least we got some sleep.

Elder Hunt is super cool. He has a really positive attitude which is needed around here. We set some good goals for the transfer.

This week we haven't really taught a lot of investigators, but we had some good less active lessons (both of them fed us, which made it even better). On Monday we taught Brother Pace. He's an American who's lived in Belgium for a couple of years. He went inactive about a year and a half after his mission :(. (Going inactive means he has not been coming to church.) We are trying to teach his four daughters who are not baptized, and reactivate him at the same time. We shared both "He is the Gift" video, and "Because of Him" video with him, and it really struck a chord. He is making progress!

"He is the Gift" video:


"Because of Him" video:

Well that's about it. The work here is moving well. We have Zone Training this week which will be fun. Also there is a Christmas concert thing in Antwerpen that I was volunteered to play piano in. Thanks for the music!!! I don't know what I would have done without it!

Well sorry this email came so late... The internet at the church isn't working, so I had to finish it at a member's house... I think it didn't save everything I wrote, but I don't have time to rewrite it.... SORRY!!!!

Tot volgende week....

Elder Muller

P.S. no pics this week... I didn't get to upload them because of the internet... sorry.

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