Wednesday, November 26, 2014


Christmas (Kerstmis) Market

So yeah, that's a story for later. 

I really don't have much time, so I'll share a couple stories but that's it!!!

First off, Happy Thanksgiving!!!!!!! We had a Zone-Pday in Antwerpen to celebrate today.

This week we have Zone Conference, so it's going to go by FAST!!!! Tomorrow we travel to Nederland for two days. Should be cool. 

So we went to Oostende this week to contact this semi less active family. The mom is from Sierra Leone and is super cool. She has four kids, and the ward really misses them. We need young blood! Anyway, she made us a LEKKER (delicious!) dinner. Spicy rice with spicy chicken and salad. SOOOO GOOOD!!!! I LOVE AFRICANS!!!! They are so awesome. We taught them a quick lesson and then left because it's an hour bus ride home!

So dirty animals..... 

We contacted (talked with) a guy, and we were having a great conversation about what we believe. He asked us a ton of questions about faith and Jesus Christ and talked about when he was younger. He wanted to be Christian, but never really figured it out. There was this elderly lady just standing next to us, not part of the contact, just listening the whole time. He asked us if we believe in the devil, and we said yes. He pointed at the old lady and whispered "She is the devil". I don't know how she heard him but she just started yelling at us in German. He told her that this was Belgium, we speak Vlaams (Flemish-dialect of Dutch) here. So she started speaking in Dutch. She was calling this guy a "woman", "animal", etc. She told us to come inside this house we were standing outside of and look. We don't know at what, but we didn't want to because she was SCARY!  Elder Childs was just like, we only speak English, and she switched to English 'Perfect I only speak English too' it was freaky, she was speaking in tongues. She called us cowards because we wouldn't go inside and then spit on the guy we were talking to, and at us. "You are cowards!!!" "You are women, like him!!! Come inside, come inside." That's what she kept saying. Elder Childs tried to say he only spoke Spanish, and she was like, 'IK BEN GEEN ESPANOL!' (Flemish for "I am not a Spaniard!") We asked the guy if she lived there (She was still yelling at us) and she was like HOW DARE YOU ASK HIM!!! HOW DARE ASK YOU!!! He is an animal. Come inside, come inside. We tried to bear testimony that he is a child of God, and that God loves everyone. He was a really nice guy. She just kept yelling at us so we walked away, and he went into his house. 

We turned the corner and looked back around. She saw us and started chasing us down the street. It was weird!!!! The mission is so crazy!!!!!

Anyway, we had a great lesson with our investigator Martine this week. She's super cool and devoted to her Catholic religion, but she's reading and praying about the Book of Mormon. 

We had a really cool thing happen on Sunday! A Sister missionary who had just finished her mission in Portugal (not even released yet) and her parents visited church. It was super cool.

Anyway I have NO time, so quick spiritual thought. From Elder Holland: Sometimes we wonder why life is hard, why is the mission hard? The Church is true right? Why don't people just flock to join? Why isn't the only difficult part of the mission avoiding pneumonia from being in the baptismal font all day?

I am convinced that it is because SALVATION IS NOT A CHEAP EXPERIENCE!

Me and Elder Childs love this talk, and I will talk more about it next week! Maar (But) think about this for a bit :)

Tot volgende week! (Until Next Week!)

Elder Muller 

Ice Skating Rink in Market Square of Brugge
(We used to visit there at Christmas!  Elder Muller is so blessed!)
Ice Skating Rink in Market Square in Brugge
Oostende, Belgium
This is Elder Muller taunting his family!  His caption he wrote was... "Do you know what this is?" 'DO YOU KNOW WHAT THIS IS?!?!?!?"  "A mammoet!!!" This is one of our favorite "sausage meats" to eat with an order of Belgian Fries at a Frituur Shop!  (That would be the world famous Belgian Fries at a local Fry Shop!!) This is all we talked about before he left!! We all wanted one of these!

*I am sorry for the pictures being sideways! I don't know how to flip them!

**I also have to figure out why when I post this it changes the text of makes it line up funny and has white framing around some sentences!  I'm still learning!!

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